Saturday, July 11, 2009

Maddi's Trip - Day 13

Maddi is still having a blast in Virginia. They have been to Washington DC three days now. They have seen all sorts of things and been to several of the museums. She has touched the White House lawn, let a huge bug crawl all over her (in one of the museums) and also pet a giant preying mantis (also in a museum). She has been on bike rides - thanks Jude, and she has been swimming almost every day. She even got to have a swimming lesson one morning with the other cousins. She's eaten out at all kinds of restaurants and ridden in Sam's "bumblebee" mustang (a definite highlight)! It is yellow with black racing stripes. She has also gotten to go watch her cousins in a few swim meets. I must say I'm jealous (not of riding in the mustang:) and hope to be able to go there myself someday. We are certainly missing her here. I find myself counting the kids when I am out and never coming up with the right number. Kind of scary when I forget that Maddi is gone! I think Dillon misses her the most. He is very tender and aware of feelings and people. He talks about her on a regular basis and is always telling me he misses her. It really very sweet. Makenna has realized how much fun it is to have a sister to play with. Olivia just doesn't play the same way and the boys don't either! She is anxiously awaiting Maddi's return as are all of us.

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