Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Visit from the Walbas!

Last week my parents came to visit. They got in Tuesday night and left Monday morning. It was a lot of fun. We went to ballgames, got ice cream, went out to eat, went swimming, went out to see the horses, had friends from Brookings over, stayed up late visiting, went to Falls Park, and my dad taught my Sunday School lesson for me on Sunday! I was glad they got to stay as long as they did. We only get to see them once a year and it gave the kids time to get to know them and feel comfortable with them. It also gave them time to just sit on the couch with them and talk or play. That is where the memories come in. Going out and doing lots of things is fun and does make fun memories, but just being able to sit and talk and be with them provides even more memories.

When they left Monday, they took Maddi with them. She was very excited! They are headed to Nashville to the family runion, then to my brother's house in Virginia. They are going to get to go to Washington DC for several days. They will go to as many sights there as they can. Maddi took her digital camera (a fun surprise for ehr) with her so she can take pictures of her adventures along the way. They will spend a week there and then on to my other brother's house in Ohio. There they will get to see a few church sites. She will also get to swim, play with cousins, go to parks and a lot of other stuff during her 3 weeks. She will get to see 11 of her cousins while she is gone and 3 of my brothers (one will be in Nashville for the reunion) and their wives, plus all of my aunts and uncles and cousins. We will miss her while she is gone, but I'm glad she gets this opportunity. She does so much for me and our family. This will be something special just for her.

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