Monday, June 8, 2009

Rules of a Three Year Old

1. You only have to say excuse me when you burp, not when you toot.
2. It's okay to wear your boots without socks and on the wrong feet.
3. Don't ride the same bucky horse that Daddy rode.
4. You can wear your clothes backwards if you want to.
5. It's fun to be first the worst.
6. It's not fun to be last the best of all the game.
7. Mommy does not have girl worms.
8. Just because my underwear is wet does not mean I had an accident.
9. I don't tattle, I just have things to tell you.
10. Gum is for your teeth, not your throat.


Spencer and Kimberly said...

Some of those rules sound like my 3 year old's rules!

Melissa said...

I love the horse one, that's probably the best one to live by, haha!