Friday, June 5, 2009

New Puppy!

Last week we got a new puppy. She is a Jack Russell and almost 5 months old. Her previous owners named her Sassy and the kids liked that name so we stuck with it. She loves to run and jump and play with the balls. All the kids will run with her when she is out. Some of them are running because it is fun and they like it, others are running because they are scared of her and are trying to get away! Either way, they are all running and Sassy loves it! She thinks she is my dog. She will come to me whenever I am out (unless she thinks I am going to put her in the kennel). This is new to me. I am NOT a dog person, Michael is usually the one with the dogs. It's kind of fun though. I'm hoping as she gets older that she will be able to go out with me when I go running and walking. I have always wanted a dog that could do that.


Monica said...

Good for you! I am not a dog person either, but have recently thought that a dog would be fun to run with....Not enough to get one.

Spencer and Kimberly said...

I had to laugh when you said some of the kids are running with the dog and some from the dog! Haha!! I'd be running from the dog! That's the one reason I would want a dog, to run with. That would be so nice.