Friday, June 19, 2009

Father's Day

Here is our yearly "Ode to Dad"!

My Dad, he is the greatest guy.
I’ll tell you all the reasons why.
He lets me sit up on his lap
And take a little afternoon nap.
When I’m thirsty, he shares his drink.
He likes me even when I stink!
He’ll go outside and we’ll play catch.
He’ll let me win a wrestling match.
He gives me hugs when I am sad.
He makes me laugh so I feel glad.
He’ll tuck me into bed at night.
He’ll give me kisses and squeeze me tight.
He helps me as I learn and grow.
He teaches me all I need to know.
He listens as I sing my favorite song.
When he does chores, I get to tag along.
We sit together and read a book.
He helps me put a worm on a hook.
He wipes my nose when it runs.
He wipes my eyes when my tears come.
He cleans my scrapes when they bleed.
When we’re on walks I get to lead.
He takes me for horse and wagon rides.
He cheers when across home plate I slide.
My daddy loves me all the time.
I think he’s cooler than a shiny new dime!
So now you know the reasons why
That my dad is the greatest guy!

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