Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Last night at softball Makenna's team got their medals. She has ahd a really fun season. Her coaches have done an amazing job with the girls. They was always positive and made them feel good about their efforts. They also took time to help the girls whenthey needed it. After the game he called them out one by one to get their medals and then they did a team cheer. Wednesday will be the last game for all the kids. It has been fun but I'm glad it's done!

Zane and Dillon also had games last night. Dillon got to play catcher, which he loves. Zane did a good job hitting last night. I think it was because he wore his lucky socks! The other kids had their usual fun of playing in the dirt and running around. The weather was really nice so it was a great eveing to be out and about. To top it all off, the coach brought the snacks to Makenna's game and brought enough for all the little brothers and sisters to have some so everyone got to come home with a treat!

Basketball Clinic

Zane is doing a basketball clinic this week. He is having fun. The coaches are really nice to all the little boys and they get Mr. Freezes after each practice! They are learning dribbling, shooting and passing. Tomorrow is the last day and they will get a t-shirt. He wanted me to come today and take pictures of him so we stayed for alittle while to get a few pictures. Then we went to the park and played until it was over.

A Visit from the Walbas!

Last week my parents came to visit. They got in Tuesday night and left Monday morning. It was a lot of fun. We went to ballgames, got ice cream, went out to eat, went swimming, went out to see the horses, had friends from Brookings over, stayed up late visiting, went to Falls Park, and my dad taught my Sunday School lesson for me on Sunday! I was glad they got to stay as long as they did. We only get to see them once a year and it gave the kids time to get to know them and feel comfortable with them. It also gave them time to just sit on the couch with them and talk or play. That is where the memories come in. Going out and doing lots of things is fun and does make fun memories, but just being able to sit and talk and be with them provides even more memories.

When they left Monday, they took Maddi with them. She was very excited! They are headed to Nashville to the family runion, then to my brother's house in Virginia. They are going to get to go to Washington DC for several days. They will go to as many sights there as they can. Maddi took her digital camera (a fun surprise for ehr) with her so she can take pictures of her adventures along the way. They will spend a week there and then on to my other brother's house in Ohio. There they will get to see a few church sites. She will also get to swim, play with cousins, go to parks and a lot of other stuff during her 3 weeks. She will get to see 11 of her cousins while she is gone and 3 of my brothers (one will be in Nashville for the reunion) and their wives, plus all of my aunts and uncles and cousins. We will miss her while she is gone, but I'm glad she gets this opportunity. She does so much for me and our family. This will be something special just for her.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Fun at the Park

Friday was a beautiful day so I took the kids to a really fun park that we discovered. It has a really nice playground with a lot of shade. We played for almost 2 hours and had a little picnic. The park also has a pool so we went swimming afterwards. The girls go to the big pool. It only costs them $1 a piece to swimm all day and I take the other kids to the smaller pool with me. It is free to go there. We swam for about 2 hours. The kids had tons of fun. On the way home we stopped and got popsicles. It is only a few miles from our house so it will become a weekly adventure. I loved swimming when I was growing up and I'm glad that we found a place I can take all the kids by myself so they can enjoy it too.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Father's Day

Here is our yearly "Ode to Dad"!

My Dad, he is the greatest guy.
I’ll tell you all the reasons why.
He lets me sit up on his lap
And take a little afternoon nap.
When I’m thirsty, he shares his drink.
He likes me even when I stink!
He’ll go outside and we’ll play catch.
He’ll let me win a wrestling match.
He gives me hugs when I am sad.
He makes me laugh so I feel glad.
He’ll tuck me into bed at night.
He’ll give me kisses and squeeze me tight.
He helps me as I learn and grow.
He teaches me all I need to know.
He listens as I sing my favorite song.
When he does chores, I get to tag along.
We sit together and read a book.
He helps me put a worm on a hook.
He wipes my nose when it runs.
He wipes my eyes when my tears come.
He cleans my scrapes when they bleed.
When we’re on walks I get to lead.
He takes me for horse and wagon rides.
He cheers when across home plate I slide.
My daddy loves me all the time.
I think he’s cooler than a shiny new dime!
So now you know the reasons why
That my dad is the greatest guy!

A Word Of Caution

Today Zeke warned me of something very important. When there are cops or cars going fast you should Never Eat Soggy Waffles! You can only eat soggy waffles when there are no cars. I thought this was something that you all should be aware of. More wise words of a 3 year old!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Sara's Wedding

Saturday we went to my friend, Sara's wedding. I have known her since I was in 5th grade. She is my oldest friend (that I keep in touch with) and we have managed over all these years and miles to stay in touch. I was so happy for her. She looked beautiful and so happy. Her mom passed waay several years ago, but I know she was watching. Her dad was there to give her away. John, her new husband, lost his father a few years ago too. They had flowers and candles at the front of the chapel representing the two parents who could not be there in person. It was really pretty and I was so glad we lived close enough that we could go.Sara and her dad before the ceremony.

Sara and John after the ceremony.

The kids waiting for them to drive away.

The getaway car!

We Don't Sell Lemonade!

The kids made a stand the other day on our front porch. it was not for lemondae though! You could buy a broken plastic rollerblade, a shovel, some rocks, a bike helmet, wooden puzzle blocks, plastic tools, balls, and other such things. You really didn't need any money either. You could purchase things with a cool rock, another toy or something good to eat!

Makenna's new glasses

Makenaa got new glasses the other day. She picked out some purplish pink ones. I think she looks really cute in them. I think she likes them too.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Rules of a Three Year Old

1. You only have to say excuse me when you burp, not when you toot.
2. It's okay to wear your boots without socks and on the wrong feet.
3. Don't ride the same bucky horse that Daddy rode.
4. You can wear your clothes backwards if you want to.
5. It's fun to be first the worst.
6. It's not fun to be last the best of all the game.
7. Mommy does not have girl worms.
8. Just because my underwear is wet does not mean I had an accident.
9. I don't tattle, I just have things to tell you.
10. Gum is for your teeth, not your throat.

The Future of a Three Year Old

Right now I am 3 and I am Superman.
When I am 4 I am going to ride a horse.
When I am 5 I am going to drive a school bus.
When I am 6 I am going to ride a bucky horse no-handed and never fall off!
When I am 7 - I'm not going to be 7, only girls are 7.
When I am 8 I am going to ride a bucky pig.
When I am 9 I am going to ride a bucky bull.
When I am 10 I am going to ride a bucky buffalo.
I don't want to be 11 or 12, just 4,5,6, not 7, 8,9,10!

Friday, June 5, 2009

New Puppy!

Last week we got a new puppy. She is a Jack Russell and almost 5 months old. Her previous owners named her Sassy and the kids liked that name so we stuck with it. She loves to run and jump and play with the balls. All the kids will run with her when she is out. Some of them are running because it is fun and they like it, others are running because they are scared of her and are trying to get away! Either way, they are all running and Sassy loves it! She thinks she is my dog. She will come to me whenever I am out (unless she thinks I am going to put her in the kennel). This is new to me. I am NOT a dog person, Michael is usually the one with the dogs. It's kind of fun though. I'm hoping as she gets older that she will be able to go out with me when I go running and walking. I have always wanted a dog that could do that.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Special Visitors!

Last weekend, Joyce and Stacey came for a visit. The kids could hardly wait. We had a countdown on the calendar and they made cards and got prizes for them for when they got here. We had a really fun time with them. They got to see all four of the oldest play ball, they went on special outings, we went to the light show, grilled hotdogs, went on a wagon ride, went to a parade and had a movie and pizza night. Michael adn I even got to go on a date! Saturday night and Sunday brought many tears, but we were glad they came. It's always hard to see family go, but we are so glad that they come.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Another Michael update

Michael had a doctor appointment this morning. They discovered he has 4 broken ribs not 3. His lung is better. He can lift up to 10 pounds now. The doctor had all sorts of people coming in to look at Michael this morning because he has never seen anyone who has so many broken ribs and a bruised lung like that, that doesn't have something punctured or something else broken. Maybe he should start charging admission and make some money off this!