Thursday, May 21, 2009

More Ballpark Fun!

Here are some more pictures from Tuesday and Wednesday night. Maddi had a good game Tuesday night. It was tough though. She plays kid pitch and most of these kids can't pitch - although you have to learn at some point right! Anyways, Maddi's coach never explained to them not to swing at everypitch so the first inning it was 3 up, 3 down. The second inning they did much better at not swinging at all the pitches. Maddi second turn up to bat however, she didn't swing at all and struck out. She didn't know you could get a strike without swinging. It was a game of learning and she had fun despite the batting. Dillon played Tueday and Wednesday. He loves to play and has a really good swing. Tuesday night he never got a hit fromthe coach pitching and had to use the tee. Wednesday night he hit everytime with the coach pitching so he is getting the hang of it. He played catcher also Wednesday night. Makenna played Wednesday too. She had a good night. Got two hits and scored a run. Zane had fun as usual, hitting, running and sliding into home. Of course the snacks afterwards are also a highlight of the evening.

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