Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Michael Update

Michael had another doctor appointment this morning. Much to his dismay - his ribs are still broken and he is still on restriction! His left lung isn't working properly. Probably just bruising but he has to see the doctor every week to make sure it doesn't turn into pnuemonia. He also has to try to take a deep breath every hour - which hurts alot - to keep the air flowing through the lung. He says he can tell it is different when he takes those breaths. Hopefully that will heal without any problems. He went to work today and to the ballgames tonight but he is pretty sore tonight. We'll see what tomorrow brings. He also has to start putting medicine on his road rash to keep it from getting infected. Poor guy. He's still sleeping in the chair wit his heating pad being moved from body part to body part. His back looks even worse now than it did in the picture I posted earlier. I didn't get another picture of it but I did take a picture of part of his road rash. It's hard for me. I know that sounds selfish and whiney but you don't realize how much you depend on some one until they aren't able to help. He's here and he does all he can, but most things involving the kids he can't do. Plus I worry about him overdoing it and there's nothing I can do to stop him. It's hard for him too. Not only does he have the pain of it all, but he wants to play with them and hold them and he can't. He claims he's already two weeks into the healing. He hurt himself Friday so that was last week and now it's a different week so he is done with 2 of his 6 weeks. Always pushing!


Joyce Anne said...

Tell Michael that Auntie Stace and I will be there tomorrow and we will take all the "kid loving and playing with" off his hands. See you soon.

Spencer and Kimberly said...

Wow, I hope he gets better soon. That does not sound fun.