Monday, May 4, 2009

Fun Friday

Friday was a crazy day for us, but very fun. Michael went to school with Maddi for "Donuts with Dad". They all ate donuts and the kids did a reading theater for the fathers. After that they came home, picked us up and we headed to Hendricks, my absolute most favorite place on earth! We stopped by and saw Orville and Ben and then we went to Olsens. Michael trimmed horses while the rest of us visited with Pam, Sherri and kids. In the afternoon we went to the dentist. Michael was the only one with cavaties, thank goodness. Pam picked up the girls from the dentist and took them to school. They got to go see their old classmates. They absolutley loved that! After the dentist we all went back to Pam's. Josie was having a birthday party so the kids had lots of fun. Michael trimmed some more horses and I got to visit some more. We left at 5:00 and headed home. We got home in time for the three oldest kids to get dressed up and head out to their spring concert. They did a really good job. Zane got to play the sand blocks in one of his songs, Makenna got to dance and Maddison got to play the chimes. When we got home, it was bedtime but before we went to bed we checked out the clothes that we had gotten from Pam and Sherri for Olivia. Olvia LOVES clothes and shoes. She was so excited. After we had gone through them she did a little dressing up of her own. She put on a Dora nightgown with Dora shoes,a princess sweatshirt and a white easter hat. She was ready for bed and she got really mad when we took it off of her before we put her to bed! The next morning, she got dressed and put her white hat back on with her Dora shoes and spent most of the day playing in those things. She is certainly Michael's child! They had to fight over which one got to wear the white hat. Unfortunately for Michael, Olivia can cry louder so she got the hat.

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