Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Fun at the ball games

This week starts our seven weeks of ball games. We will have 8 games a week until the 2nd of July. The kids are having fun and learning lots of new skills. Sometimes it is frustrating for them as they try new things or don't do as good as they wanted, but overall they are loving it. Here are a few pictures from the games on Monday night with Makenna and Zane. Makenna is the one batting - I had a fence in the way. Makenna started out a little frustrated because she struck out twice. She has to use the pitching machine and it's hard to get used to. Then during the third inning she was playing third base and caught theball on a bounce and got the runner out. She was very excited! Her next turn up to bat she hit a single so she ended the game on a happy note. Zane does coach pitch. He does really well. If you get three strikes with the coach then you get to use the tee. He hit the ball everytime with the coach pitching. In his league there are no outs so they get to run the bases each inning. He loves that. I tried to get a picture of him sliding in to home plate but the sun was in the way and it didn't turn out. I'm sure I will get more chances for that since he loves to slide and get his pants dirty! I will post pictures from Tuesday night when I get them downloaded.

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