Sunday, May 24, 2009

Daddy was in a rodeo!

That's what Zeke tells everyone when they ask what happened to Michael. He rode a bucky horse and got bucked off! Yes he did. Three broken ribs, a little bruise on his back and road rash up his left arm. It happened Friday afternoon. He had jsut come home and gotten a cupcake and then went to go saddle up some horses to go ride. He had ridden this one many times and never had a problem. Well, something set it off, it started bucking, Michael's foot came out of the stirrup, he still managed to ride it quite a ways, then it turned one way and Michael went off the other. When he first got home Friday it was horrible. I was scared. He couldn't talk, could hardly breathe and walk. He didn't want me to call the doctor but I did anyways. They were full so told me to take him to the ER. He said no. Luckily his boss made him. He is on restrictions for 6 weeks - no lifting over 5 lbs, bending or twisting. It's only been 2 days and he's going crazy. He is doing better though, but still can't do much of anything. I took a picture of the little bruise on his back. He's says it's almost better. When he wears pants though he says it feels like he has a baseball in his pocket from all the swelling. He has to sleep on the couch, he walks really slow and one shoulder is much higher than the other when he stands but he is 99% better and will be going to work on Tuesday!


Melissa said...

O-U-C-H!!!! I'm glad to hear he's getting better, that could have been so much worse!

Spencer and Kimberly said...

Ouch! Poor Michael!