Thursday, April 2, 2009

Visit to the 1st Grade

This afternoon I got the chance to go to Makenna's class to read our Easter Bunny story and make our Easter Bunny car treat. She was so excited for me to come. I have to soak it up now because I know eventually, they won't want me there! Anyways, the kids all loved it, especially making the car and eating it. Who wouldn't love chocolate, marshmallow and frosting? Next week I get to go to Maddi's class. Hopefully they will ahve fun too.

Zeke is doing better today. His fever seems to be gone. Olivia and Maddi seem to be better too. Dillon is now complaining of a sore throat so we'll see what happens. As long as there's no more throwing up I'll be fine!

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Katie said...

How do you make the cars?