Saturday, April 18, 2009


Here are some pictures of Zane from his birthday.

The weather has been beautiful here the last few days. We have enjoyed being outside playing. YEsterday we went on a walk. The three oldest kids rode their bikes, Dillon drove the 4-wheeler and I pushed the youngest two in the stroller. They had just grated the outside edges of the road so we had to walk right down the middle of the road in single file. It was quite the parade! The bikes out front followed by the 4 wheeler and then me. We went about 1.5 miles and then called it quits. This morning I ran 8 miles! WooHoo! I am quite sore this afternoon but very proud! Next week I have my 10K race. We'll see how that goes. Today it is raining so we are all inside. Dillon and I went on a date this afternoon to Burger King and Scheels (a sporting goods store.) It is my new favorite spot. It has everything - including a great big tree two stories high! Dillon liked it too. He wants to go back and show the other kids.

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Monica said...

WHOA! You go girl!