Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I Don't Like Green Beans!

Next time Dillon tells me that, I think I will listen. We have a rule at our house that if you don't like something, you don't have to eat it BUT, you do have to take at least one bite (even if you've previously tasted it) before you can say that. Well, Saturday night, we went to the dining hall to eat. They served these green beans with cheese on them. Dillon said he didn't like them but we said he had to take a bite. Well, he gagged himself and ended up throwing up all over his chair and the floor. The smell, of course, was horrible. Michael ran and got a bucket and rag and I proceeded to clean it up, apologizing to those around me for the nastiness of it all. I got it all cleaned up and went back the kitchen to rinse it all out. Just as I finished, there's Michael and Dillon at the kitchen door, Dillon throwing up and Michael telling me that we need a mop. I started filling up the mop bucket. 3 of the boys from the ranch, very kindly, came and took over that so I could go help Dillon and disinfect his chair. When I came out of the kitchen, I about died. From our table in the back of the room all the way to the kitchen door, there was this trail of puke. Apparently Dillon told Michael he was going to be sick so Michael tried to get him out the door to the bathroom. Then Michael remembered that the bathroom would probably be locked so he headed Dillon for the kitchen. On the way to the kitchen Michael decided that probably wasn't the best place for Dillon to be throwing up so they changed directions again and headed for the garbage - with Dillon throwing up all the way there! Now for those of you who don't know, we eat dinner with about 50 boys and 5 or 6 staff! They all got to witness this taking place. A lovely ending to dinner, don't you think? Well, the boys mopped up the mess, I disinfected Dillon's chair and we left. Dillon was brought home and placed straight into the tub. Nothing like a little excitement for the evening. Now we have changed our rules. If you don't want it, you don't have to eat it, BUT if you don't eat it, you don't get desert! Last night,we made it through dinner with no excitement. It was lovely!


Melissa said...

That is awesome! In a most horrible way though! Poor kid, I'm sure he'll never touch green beans again! Are you going to avoid the dining hall for a while, haha!

Spencer and Kimberly said...


Monica said...

Oh Emma-You are such a good sport!