Monday, March 23, 2009

Thanks for Lupper

The kids always complain because on Sundays we eat an early lunch ( about 10:30) before church and then we eat an early supper (3:30) after church. In the evening they want to eat supper again and they get popcorn instead. We tell them that Sundays we have to eat at different times because church is in the middle of the day. I told them that we eat Lupper - it's in between lunch and supper. They think that's a funny name. Well, yesterday Zane said the blessing and in his prayer he was thankful that we could eat Lupper (at which Michael and I started laughing - Michael so much that he had tears streaming down his cheeks) and that who ever didn't like the mashed potatoes (which would be Zane) could eat them anyways. When he finished he wanted to know what was so funny and the others wanted to know why daddy was crying. I told them Zane gave a wonderful prayer and Daddy was overcome with the spirit. That satisfied any more questions and we made it through the meal. Aren't little children so innocent yet aware of everything? Zane has said some pretty good prayers in his day.