Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New Furniture!

Last night Michael and I brought home our new couch and chair and 1/2 with an ottoman. I found them on Craigs List and fell in love with them. I got $150 off the asking price, which I was excited about. The little kids and I went and looked at them yesterday morning. They are almost brand new. The couch is about 2 years old and the chair is less than 1 year old. They are sage green, microfiber, and have been scotchguarded. It was just a young girl that owned them. She has joined the National Guard so needed to sell them before she headed to Texas. Anyways, I benefited from it and am very excited. I have wanted couches like this for years and never thought I would get them. The kids like them too - especially jumping from the ottoman to the chair or pretending to get stuck in the hole between them. Great fun!

I also got to go pick out carpet for our basement yesterday. I am excited to be one step closer to getting that done. Hopefully it will be soon. That is pretty much all we need to finish it all up down there.

Michael left early this morning to head to Waverly, Iowa (I think) to a horse sale. He went with a few guys from work. They said they would stay until they ran out of money - either tomorrow or Friday. Kind of throws a kink in my running but hopefully it won't throw me off track too much. The kids and I will be looking for fun ways to pass the time.

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Katie said...

hooray for new furniture! You have definately earned it. And they are pretty too. What a great deal. Find me some too now k? :)
Congrats on the new calling. You will be awesome.