Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Morning at the Doctor

Maddi had been complaining of a sore throat today so I made her a doctor appointment this morning. She wanted to go to school because they were having testing so I let her go. The little kids and I had to leave about 9:30 to go get her from school. Then we went to the doctors. We had to be there 30 minutes early to fill out paperwork (lots of fun). Then we had to go wait for the doctor. It didn't take too long. We were put in the smallest room but at least there were toys in there. The docotor about fell over when he opened the door and saw so many kids in there. He started asking questions about the number of kids, if they were all mine, how old they were, etc... They did a strep test on Maddi but it turned out negative. Afterwards we went to Walmart to get throat spray and other stuff. Maddi had to get a new pair of shoes. Hers had holes in the bottom and her feet would get wet when she went outside because the water was leaking in through the soles. Everyone was tired, hungry and grumpy when we left so we grabbed something to eat on the way home. Zeke said he didn't feel good. He got really pale so I took everything away from him and moved the groceries from under his feet - just in case he started puking. We made it home with no problems. It was almost 1pm when we got home. Maddi will stay home the rest of the day. Olivia will take a nap while the others watch a movie and I will go get some exercise in. Long morning for all, but at least we don't have the nasty snow to contend with like the rest of the state does today!

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