Monday, March 2, 2009

Missing Friends

This morning I had to go to school. The kindergartners were having a Dr. Seuss party and the parents were supposed to come and help celebrate. No siblings were supposed to come. Well, I have no one here to help watch the kids so I called Zane's teacher and she said it was all right if I brought the others. I got there late, which if you know me I hate being late (I get it from my dad). I was the only one who brought siblings. I walk into a gym of total strangers (except Zane of course). It was so hard for me. In Hendricks, every one knows who you are, who your children are and they seem to like the fact that you are all there. Today no one knew who I was and the little children weren't allowed to participate in anything because they didn't have enough supplies for them (paper and crayons and glue). I'm not trying to put the school down. Tri-Valley is a much larger school than Hendricks so it is a completely different situation. They do good things with the kids and I was glad I was able to come and spend the morning with Zane. It just made me miss Hendricks and all the friendships we have there. So to all my Lincoln HI friends - I miss you and I was thinking about you all today.

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