Thursday, March 26, 2009

Little Artists

I am so frustrated with my children and their coloring habits. I shouldn't say all the children, mostly just the boys. For some reason they find the need to color on EVERYTHING! Makenna does from time to time but has gotten better, the boys on the other hand... Dillon a while back colored with red crayon all over the wall in our dining room and hallway. This house was just freshly painted before we moved in. Dillon spent some time scrubbing that off. Later, after Michael and I had spent a weekend painting the basement, we went downstairs to find art work on 3 of the 4 walls. This time done by scratching a nail over the wall. After several finger points, we learned that Makenna, Zane and Dillon did that. That had to be painted again because it wouldn't wipe off. They all had to pay Michael for repainting it. This morning I found an ink circle on the brand new kitchen floor. Zeke finally confessed to that one. Then tonight as I went to snuggle the boys up, I found that Dillon had ink scribbles all over his sheet - I mean all over! It was his cowboy sheet. Dillon and Zane had done that while they were supposed to be cleaning their room. They denied it for a while and then finally confessed to it. They both got spanked - once for telling a lie and once for doing it. I was so angry! It's not like I don't provide these children with paper! They know the rules - they've all been punished in the past for it. They know it's wrong because they lie about it! Anyways, I am so frustrated! I don't remember any of us coloring on the walls, or floors, or bedding when we were little! They have coloring books, paper, contruction paper, notepads, why do they have to color on the house and their belongings? After getting in trouble they did go to sleep very quickly, so at least I have some peace and quiet while waiting for Michael to come home. Maybe one of them will be a famous artist! Get your autographs now.

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