Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Today was my grandpa's funeral. I wish I could've been there. My mom said it was a very nice service. As I went through my daily routine, I thought a lot about him. I remembered his voice, his smell, the way it felt when he hugged me. I remember his old house, the one he had while I was growing up. I remember the excitement of driving into the driveway and running up the basement stairs to find him inside. I remember the smell of thier house and how familiar it all was, even though we only made occasional visits. I remember waiting for them to drive up our street on the day they were supposed to come to our house for a visit. The excitement of finally seeing their car was almost overwhelming. I remember his wing tipped shoes and striped dress pants and baseball caps. I remember going golfing with him, showing off for him at the swimming pool, and going to some all-you-can eat place for dinner. I remember sitting next to him on the couch and having him share his m&ms with me - always peanut. I remember the sadness of watching them drive away when their visit was over. Now he is gone from this earth, his life here has ended and he has moved on to a better place. I know he is there with my sister Katie (he died on her 39th birthday) and together along with all our other loved ones who have passed away, they are watching over us and waiting for us all to be united together again.

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