Friday, March 6, 2009


Today was a beautiful day. The weather was gorgeous. The little kids were out in the sleeveless shirts, shorts and mud boots (probably slightly underdressed). Olivia did wear her winter coat and hat along with her shorts! Today was bike riding day for me, just 30 minutes. It was nice to have an easy day. I've already logged 8 miles this week with another 4 to go tomorrow. Yikes! It's hard to keep up the mileage with all the hills I have to run here. Even my neighbor who has run several marathons says the hills are hard. Makes me feel a little better. I took Zane to the eye doctor today. He has to get glasses. He has been complaining of headaches after school so we took him in. He looks pretty cute. They had to dialate his eyes. He loved the cool sunglasses they gave him to wear! I'll post a picture of those later. His glassses should come in a week or two. Tomorrow there is supposed to be snow coming. I hope it doesn't make it here. I am ready for spring to come! Anyways, it was a good day and we are all ready for the weekend. I'm posting a few pictures from Monday when we went to school with Zane. Dillon took the one of me and Olivia. Zeke took a picture too, but it ended up being some ladies
backside and not me and Olivia. We won't post that one!

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