Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Beauty in the Kitchen

Ha! Just teasing! Michael thinks so. I made fried apricot pies today. I haven't heard "I love you" so many times! Dillon, Zeke and Olivia helped me. Now my feet are sore. I had to run on the treadmill this morning because the wind chills were so low. I hate running on that thing. It was the longest 3.5 miles I have ever done. It took me almost 10 minutes longer to do it inside than to do it outside on all the hills. I am hoping for warmer weather tomorrow. I don't think I can do another morning inside. Anyways, after running , breakfast and showers I started the fried pies. I got done at 12:15 just as Michael walked in the door. I think he could smell the hot grease from the barn! After I cleaned up that it was lunch time. Now Olivia's down for a nap and I am catching up on my e-mails, facebook and blog. I am so excited too because I found my long lost companion from my mission. She was my absolute favorite and I haven't heard from her since 1998. She's from England and her name is Emma too. Anyways, I found her last night on facebook and sent her a message. She sent me one back this morning. It is so good to have contact with her again. There are some people that you just connect with right away and that always have a special place in your heart. She is one of those people for me. Well, enough of that. I am attaching pictures of my beautiful masterpieces, one with the kids helping and one of Zane in his super cool sunglasses from the eye doctor. He is very upset that his eyes are no longer in need of him wearing those all the time. He was hoping to get to wear them to church Sunday! No such luck. Life's rough when your 5 almost 6!


Melissa said...

Those look sooooo good!

Monica said...

You go girl! I think I smell a little fried grease too!

Katie said...

ooh, you have talked about them for years but I have never gotten the recipe from you. Will you share it?