Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Morning at the Doctor

Maddi had been complaining of a sore throat today so I made her a doctor appointment this morning. She wanted to go to school because they were having testing so I let her go. The little kids and I had to leave about 9:30 to go get her from school. Then we went to the doctors. We had to be there 30 minutes early to fill out paperwork (lots of fun). Then we had to go wait for the doctor. It didn't take too long. We were put in the smallest room but at least there were toys in there. The docotor about fell over when he opened the door and saw so many kids in there. He started asking questions about the number of kids, if they were all mine, how old they were, etc... They did a strep test on Maddi but it turned out negative. Afterwards we went to Walmart to get throat spray and other stuff. Maddi had to get a new pair of shoes. Hers had holes in the bottom and her feet would get wet when she went outside because the water was leaking in through the soles. Everyone was tired, hungry and grumpy when we left so we grabbed something to eat on the way home. Zeke said he didn't feel good. He got really pale so I took everything away from him and moved the groceries from under his feet - just in case he started puking. We made it home with no problems. It was almost 1pm when we got home. Maddi will stay home the rest of the day. Olivia will take a nap while the others watch a movie and I will go get some exercise in. Long morning for all, but at least we don't have the nasty snow to contend with like the rest of the state does today!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Fun with Friends

Yesterday we had a fun afternoon with the Olsens. They came down and we got to play outside, drive the horse and cart and play in the newly finished basement. We had pizza, treats and tons of fun. It was definitely a visit that we all needed and enjoyed. Here are a few pictures from the day.


Saturday I ran my 5K. There was quite a few people there. There were some pretty serious runners. I was one of the few not so serious runners that did the 5K because they also had a 2 mile run/walk that most of the people like me did. It was fun though. I did my personal best and shaved off about 30 seconds per mile. The weather was good, I actually overdressed for it and ended up extremely hot about half way through. Anyways, it was a good experience and the first time I have run one. I hve only been running for 5 weeks now so I feel good about my accomplishments. Next up is a 10K in April. Hopefully I will be able to make it there. For now I am focusing on the current task of 4 miles in the morning when it's cold!

Friday, March 27, 2009


WE FINALLY HAVE CARPET DONWSTAIRS!! They just left a few minutes ago. I am so excited. It has been a while waiting for this to happen. Now we can finally finish moving in!

Another WooHoo for me today. I put on a pair of pants this morning that previously created a muffin top (if you know what I mean) and today - no muffin top! They actually fit. I feel so good. I still have a long ways to go, but I'm slowly getting there.

Tomorrow is my 5K race. Wish me luck!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Little Artists

I am so frustrated with my children and their coloring habits. I shouldn't say all the children, mostly just the boys. For some reason they find the need to color on EVERYTHING! Makenna does from time to time but has gotten better, the boys on the other hand... Dillon a while back colored with red crayon all over the wall in our dining room and hallway. This house was just freshly painted before we moved in. Dillon spent some time scrubbing that off. Later, after Michael and I had spent a weekend painting the basement, we went downstairs to find art work on 3 of the 4 walls. This time done by scratching a nail over the wall. After several finger points, we learned that Makenna, Zane and Dillon did that. That had to be painted again because it wouldn't wipe off. They all had to pay Michael for repainting it. This morning I found an ink circle on the brand new kitchen floor. Zeke finally confessed to that one. Then tonight as I went to snuggle the boys up, I found that Dillon had ink scribbles all over his sheet - I mean all over! It was his cowboy sheet. Dillon and Zane had done that while they were supposed to be cleaning their room. They denied it for a while and then finally confessed to it. They both got spanked - once for telling a lie and once for doing it. I was so angry! It's not like I don't provide these children with paper! They know the rules - they've all been punished in the past for it. They know it's wrong because they lie about it! Anyways, I am so frustrated! I don't remember any of us coloring on the walls, or floors, or bedding when we were little! They have coloring books, paper, contruction paper, notepads, why do they have to color on the house and their belongings? After getting in trouble they did go to sleep very quickly, so at least I have some peace and quiet while waiting for Michael to come home. Maybe one of them will be a famous artist! Get your autographs now.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New Furniture!

Last night Michael and I brought home our new couch and chair and 1/2 with an ottoman. I found them on Craigs List and fell in love with them. I got $150 off the asking price, which I was excited about. The little kids and I went and looked at them yesterday morning. They are almost brand new. The couch is about 2 years old and the chair is less than 1 year old. They are sage green, microfiber, and have been scotchguarded. It was just a young girl that owned them. She has joined the National Guard so needed to sell them before she headed to Texas. Anyways, I benefited from it and am very excited. I have wanted couches like this for years and never thought I would get them. The kids like them too - especially jumping from the ottoman to the chair or pretending to get stuck in the hole between them. Great fun!

I also got to go pick out carpet for our basement yesterday. I am excited to be one step closer to getting that done. Hopefully it will be soon. That is pretty much all we need to finish it all up down there.

Michael left early this morning to head to Waverly, Iowa (I think) to a horse sale. He went with a few guys from work. They said they would stay until they ran out of money - either tomorrow or Friday. Kind of throws a kink in my running but hopefully it won't throw me off track too much. The kids and I will be looking for fun ways to pass the time.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Thanks for Lupper

The kids always complain because on Sundays we eat an early lunch ( about 10:30) before church and then we eat an early supper (3:30) after church. In the evening they want to eat supper again and they get popcorn instead. We tell them that Sundays we have to eat at different times because church is in the middle of the day. I told them that we eat Lupper - it's in between lunch and supper. They think that's a funny name. Well, yesterday Zane said the blessing and in his prayer he was thankful that we could eat Lupper (at which Michael and I started laughing - Michael so much that he had tears streaming down his cheeks) and that who ever didn't like the mashed potatoes (which would be Zane) could eat them anyways. When he finished he wanted to know what was so funny and the others wanted to know why daddy was crying. I told them Zane gave a wonderful prayer and Daddy was overcome with the spirit. That satisfied any more questions and we made it through the meal. Aren't little children so innocent yet aware of everything? Zane has said some pretty good prayers in his day.

Be Careful What You Ask For

It might come true! As most of you know, I have wanted out of the nursery since I have been here. Not that I don't love the little children, I just wanted to be bale to meet people and I do nursery all day every day. Well, yesterday it happened. It was my lsat Sunday in nursery. The catch? Now I am the new Gospel Doctrine teacher for the adults. YIKES! That is the one job I hae always said I would never want to do because it intimidates me so much to get up in front of everyone and teach them about the scriptures and the gospel. One good thing is that I have have 4 weeks until my first lesson. So, my words of advice, when you are wishing for something make sure you spell out all the details otherwise you might end up the gospel doctrine teacher!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

The day is over

Well, we didn't get to everything we had planned today but with six kids that is not unusual. The kids decided toplay outside instead of get out the horses. Then in the afternoon we went to the horse show but they fizzled out before the ranch rodeo started so we grabbed somehting to eat and come home. They played outside for a while until it was time for bathes and bed. It was still a fun day even though we didn't get to do everything and we're glad that spring is here because that means shortly we will ahve many more nice days to enjoy (I hope! The last two years we have had our worst blizzards hit in April. Hopefully not this year!)

Beautiful weather!

Today is supposed to be beautiful. I went for my run this morning in shirt sleeves and it felt great (the shirt sleeves, not the run). I went 5 miles this morning and cut 3 minutes of last week's run. Next Saturday is my 5k. I increase my miles again starting Monday. Anyways, it was a beautiful morning. We had pancakes for breakfast and now Michael is out riding horses while we try to do chores. Later on we'll get out the horse and cart or else go to the zoo and then we are going to a horse show in town and a ranch rodeo this evening. It should be a fun day and it's good bribery to get the kids to do their chores!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Leprechaun Lala

Olivia was so cute all dressed up in her green and pink today. I tried to get her to hold still so I could take a picture. Here is the process we went through!

Handsome Little Man

Zane got his new glasses today and I think he looks very handsome if I do say so myself! He was excited to come home and show Michael. Isn't he cute?

Leprechaun, Leprechaun, Come out to play!

Today we had our treausre hunt from the leprechauns. The kids came home from school excited as could be. We called the leprechauns and then they all went inside and hid in the bathroom while the leprechauns came and hid the treasures. After they left we read their clue and went hunting. Everyone found their treasure and got to enjoy a treat from the leprechauns and as far as we know, no leprechauns got stepped on in the process - we were told to be careful not to step on them while we were playing! It was fun and something they will talk about for a long time.


Today was my grandpa's funeral. I wish I could've been there. My mom said it was a very nice service. As I went through my daily routine, I thought a lot about him. I remembered his voice, his smell, the way it felt when he hugged me. I remember his old house, the one he had while I was growing up. I remember the excitement of driving into the driveway and running up the basement stairs to find him inside. I remember the smell of thier house and how familiar it all was, even though we only made occasional visits. I remember waiting for them to drive up our street on the day they were supposed to come to our house for a visit. The excitement of finally seeing their car was almost overwhelming. I remember his wing tipped shoes and striped dress pants and baseball caps. I remember going golfing with him, showing off for him at the swimming pool, and going to some all-you-can eat place for dinner. I remember sitting next to him on the couch and having him share his m&ms with me - always peanut. I remember the sadness of watching them drive away when their visit was over. Now he is gone from this earth, his life here has ended and he has moved on to a better place. I know he is there with my sister Katie (he died on her 39th birthday) and together along with all our other loved ones who have passed away, they are watching over us and waiting for us all to be united together again.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Dancing on the Bed

Yesterday afternoon, Dillon was in on our bed dancing around and shaking his little bum teasing me and Michael. All of the sudden he started singing, while still shaking his bum, "Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me"! It was hillarious. We both busted up laughing which of course made him keep singing and dancing. He is such a little goofball. What would life be without his little smile everyday?

Saturday, March 14, 2009


I have to write about this because a few days ago I read about a poo-poo party that my little niece threw for her mom. I mentioned on her blog that I had not had the pleasure of being invited to one of those parties - just Michael. Well, last night I had to eat my words. It wasn't as big of a party as Kelsie threw, but it was still disgusting. I was in the middle of changing Olivia's poopy pull-up when Maddi informed me that Zeke was in the bathroom and there was poop on the floor and the toilet. I finished Olivia quickly and went into the bathroom to find Zeke sitting on the toilet with a big pile of poop on the floor in front of the toilet. Then I noticed that he had stepped on it, with his barefoot. So there was poop squished all in between his toes, up his legs, all over the toilet seat, on his clothes, on the door, eventually on me - none however actually landed in the toilet. So close, yet so far away. Michael was gone on a date with Zane, so I proceeded to clean up the mess trying to keep little curious Olivia out. I was disgusting, later laughable, much later! So now I have been invited to a poo-poo party and I must say, I won't feel at all bad if I don't ever get invited to another one!

Sad Day

This morning I was going to write on here excited because I had run 5 miles, my most so far, but when I got home from my run, my dad called and told me that my grandpa had died early this morning. I know it is for the best and he didn't want to go through all the pain with his cancer and everything else, but I am still sad. As most of you know, I was supposed to go see him last month but ended up not going because of a snowstorm. Now the time is past and I am sad. He was one of my most favorite people in the world. They are going to try to have his funeral on Tuesday. My sister flew down yesterday to visit him for the weekend but didn't get there in time so my aunt is trying to get it all organized so they can have the funeral before my sister leaves. I will be fine, but right now I am sad.

Friday, March 13, 2009

It's Getting Closer!

Three very important things are getting closer:

1. I am so excited! They came to day and measured for the carpet in the basement. The trim is almost finished. Hopefully the basement will be completely finished next week. It will be so nice to be able to take all the toys back downstairs and finish clearing out the garage. I will so do a happy dance then!

2. I signed up for a 5K today. I run it in 2 weeks. It's part of my training. I am excited for it. It will be fun and I will get a new t-shirt. I'm almost done with week 3 of my 12 week training. Tomorrow I do 5 miles. I feel strong. I think I'll be able to do it. I've been quite pleased with my progress, considering I just started under 3 weeks ago. Before that I hadn't really run since the beginning of last summer before Michael started travelling. Now I am running 4 days a week, lifting weights twice a week and riding bike one to two times a week. It feels good and who knows - maybe I'll actually lose some weight doing it! Wouldn't that be nice?

3. St. Patricks Day! Now for all of you Irish people and wanna be Irish people, it can be a very fun day! Did you know that Leprechauns go to Target and hand out leprechaun socks before the big day so all the children can have cool socks to wear to school? I actually get them from the $1 bin but it's way more exciting if you tell them the leprechauns gave them to you. Also you can call the leprechauns to come to your house and make a treasure hunt for the kids. You have to do the right call - Leprechauns, Leprechauns come out to play because today's St. Patricks Day! Then the kids have to run into the house and hide while the leprechauns hide clues and a treasure. When the leprechauns are done it's time for the big hunt. The kids love it. They follow the clues until they find their treasure. My kids talk about it all year. They absolutely love it and they still believe that the leprechauns really come. This year we are going to do it a little different. They'll each get their own green bag with treats that they have to find. Then we make some sort of Irish food, last year it was soda bread, this year it will be scones.

Anyways, 3 fun and exciting things to look forward to! If anyone wants to come join us, come on over - you're all welcome!

Everything has HOLES!!

I wake up one morning and I swear overnight every piece of clothing that the kids own have holes! Zane has holes in 4 out of 5 of his pants, Makenna has more holey places in her snowpants than she has unholey places, even Olivia is getting holes in her pants, it's crazy! I had to go buy Zane new pants yesterday. He was quite excited. I just wonder what exactly they do at school everyday. Oh well, spring is coming right? Then we can get rid of all the winter stuff and wear shorts - no more holes to worry about, just shorts and sandals. I can't wait to put on flip-flops again. I do wear them off and on right now but when the wind chill is 40 below, I figure I should at lest wear something to cover my toes. Today is going to be around 40 and I am wearing them today!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Beauty in the Kitchen

Ha! Just teasing! Michael thinks so. I made fried apricot pies today. I haven't heard "I love you" so many times! Dillon, Zeke and Olivia helped me. Now my feet are sore. I had to run on the treadmill this morning because the wind chills were so low. I hate running on that thing. It was the longest 3.5 miles I have ever done. It took me almost 10 minutes longer to do it inside than to do it outside on all the hills. I am hoping for warmer weather tomorrow. I don't think I can do another morning inside. Anyways, after running , breakfast and showers I started the fried pies. I got done at 12:15 just as Michael walked in the door. I think he could smell the hot grease from the barn! After I cleaned up that it was lunch time. Now Olivia's down for a nap and I am catching up on my e-mails, facebook and blog. I am so excited too because I found my long lost companion from my mission. She was my absolute favorite and I haven't heard from her since 1998. She's from England and her name is Emma too. Anyways, I found her last night on facebook and sent her a message. She sent me one back this morning. It is so good to have contact with her again. There are some people that you just connect with right away and that always have a special place in your heart. She is one of those people for me. Well, enough of that. I am attaching pictures of my beautiful masterpieces, one with the kids helping and one of Zane in his super cool sunglasses from the eye doctor. He is very upset that his eyes are no longer in need of him wearing those all the time. He was hoping to get to wear them to church Sunday! No such luck. Life's rough when your 5 almost 6!

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Have you ever read that book? It came to life here at our house today. We had one regular little girl turn pink right before our eyes (actually it happened when we weren't looking)! She didn't eat too many pink cupcakes like in the book and eating green things won't turn her back to normal. She covered herself in bright pink lip gloss and lots of it. Shampoo and dish soap lightened the color (except in her hair and eyebrows) but only time will turn her back to normal. Good thing pink is her favorite color because she gonna be that color for a while! Luckily we got most of it out of the carpet, the door cleaned up after some scrubbing as well as the toilet. The bathtub still has a nice pink tint but I think I'll be able to get the rest of it up too. As for the pink lip gloss? It's gone and I don't ever want to see any bright pink lip gloss again! Should anyone have the desire to send my children lips, as they call it, please keep it light if not completely clear and make sure it comes in very small containers, not gigantic ice cream cone containers!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Date with Maddi

Today Maddi and I went on a date. She got a free kids meal from the Burger King Reading Club so we went there and had lunch and then did the shopping. It was fun to spend time with just her. This morning I ran another 4 miles. That's 12 miles this week. Next week I go up to 14. The hills are still hard but I'm getting there. It is cold today so went spent our day inside cleaning the house (the kids had a really good time with that). The house looks good though. Next week, supposedly, they are coming to do the trim and carpets downstairs. We'll see if they show up. I hope they do. I am certainly ready for the basement to be done.

Friday, March 6, 2009


Today was a beautiful day. The weather was gorgeous. The little kids were out in the sleeveless shirts, shorts and mud boots (probably slightly underdressed). Olivia did wear her winter coat and hat along with her shorts! Today was bike riding day for me, just 30 minutes. It was nice to have an easy day. I've already logged 8 miles this week with another 4 to go tomorrow. Yikes! It's hard to keep up the mileage with all the hills I have to run here. Even my neighbor who has run several marathons says the hills are hard. Makes me feel a little better. I took Zane to the eye doctor today. He has to get glasses. He has been complaining of headaches after school so we took him in. He looks pretty cute. They had to dialate his eyes. He loved the cool sunglasses they gave him to wear! I'll post a picture of those later. His glassses should come in a week or two. Tomorrow there is supposed to be snow coming. I hope it doesn't make it here. I am ready for spring to come! Anyways, it was a good day and we are all ready for the weekend. I'm posting a few pictures from Monday when we went to school with Zane. Dillon took the one of me and Olivia. Zeke took a picture too, but it ended up being some ladies
backside and not me and Olivia. We won't post that one!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Climbing the Walls

When I was younger, I remember spending lots of time climbing the walls and doorways of our many different houses. As kids we would climb the walls and sit up by the ceiling talking, daring people to run underneath us, or seeing who could jump down from the ceiling without lowering themselves down first. Well, the other night I decided it was time to teach the kids how to do this. It had never even crossed their minds as something they could do. Once they figured it out, the girls spent the rest of the evening going up and down the walls having a blast. The boys however are still a little too short to do it so they were quite upset by the fact that they couldn't join the girls up by the ceiling. Soon enough, soon enough. Then we'll have all of them lining the hallways acting like monkeys. Makenna was especially proud of herself. It took her a while to get enough courage to make it all the way up so her head could touch the ceiling. She'd get with in an inch, get scared and drop to the floor. Once she finally did it she was jumping and shouting and hyper for the rest of the night. Simple pleasures bring the greatest joys!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Another 3 miles

This morning I ran another 3 miles. I must say I was expecting it to be easier than last week but I was wrong. It was probably the hardest day I have had so far. I couldn't breath very well, my legs seemed weak and I think the hills got bigger over the weekend! Now today I am sore and tired. Luckily tomorrow will be a cross training day! I have been amazed at how much this running has helped me pay attention to the rest of my life. When I get up in the morning and do my exercise, it completely changes my day. While I am running I am paying attention to my body, how it is feeling, what my mind is doing, etc. I am able to change my self talk to get me through the workout. Then it helps me through the rest of the day. I pay attention to what I eat so that I am fueling my body properly and I can tell when I have eaten something I shouldn't have. For example, last night I had cupcakes (yes it's plural). I went to bed feeling yucky and woke up feeling yucky. Today, no cupcakes and not only do I feel better physically (except the soreness) but I feel better about myself. It also helps me keep the house cleaner and talk nicer to the children. I drink more water. I read my scriptures every day. I say better prayers. I shop differently, for me and the kids. I put on real clothes everyday and makeup. I still have a long ways to go and a lot of weight to lose, but I am liking the changes that I am feeling and the greater awareness of my body and what it needs, not just physically but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Missing Friends

This morning I had to go to school. The kindergartners were having a Dr. Seuss party and the parents were supposed to come and help celebrate. No siblings were supposed to come. Well, I have no one here to help watch the kids so I called Zane's teacher and she said it was all right if I brought the others. I got there late, which if you know me I hate being late (I get it from my dad). I was the only one who brought siblings. I walk into a gym of total strangers (except Zane of course). It was so hard for me. In Hendricks, every one knows who you are, who your children are and they seem to like the fact that you are all there. Today no one knew who I was and the little children weren't allowed to participate in anything because they didn't have enough supplies for them (paper and crayons and glue). I'm not trying to put the school down. Tri-Valley is a much larger school than Hendricks so it is a completely different situation. They do good things with the kids and I was glad I was able to come and spend the morning with Zane. It just made me miss Hendricks and all the friendships we have there. So to all my Lincoln HI friends - I miss you and I was thinking about you all today.