Monday, February 2, 2009

I am connected!

Yes, I now have access to the outside world again! It has been a crazy week filled with emotional times and fun times. Friday the 23rd, the girls got to have a sleepover at the Johnsons. I guess they had a great time, but I'm not sure Makenna got much more than a couple hours of sleep. I guess she spent the night wandering from room to room until around 5am. When she gets worked up about things she get full of energy and doesn't know what to do with all she is feeling. Saturday morning, Pam came and got the other kids and they spent the day with friends at both the Olsens and the Johnsons. With help from others, Michael and I got the truck loaded and unloaded and our old house cleaned. When we went back to Hendricks to get the kids there were lots of tears (luckily it was dark and no one really saw me cry), Makenna especially. She cried herself to sleep. We got home and let them explore a little and then put them to bed. Church didn't start until 11:30 so we had time in the morning to relax and get a little bit done. The kids (except Olivia) all liked church. It is much bigger than Watertown. There was a potluck afterwards so the kids were really excited about that. Sunday night Michael gave them all a father's blessing. We talked about any questions they may have and then they went to bed. The backpack fairy came during the night and left them a little poem and a basket of treats and a new shirt to wear on their first day of school. That helped to start the day off on a good note. I took them to school and dropped them off after they met their new teachers. All the teachers seemed really nice. When the kids got home they were very happy and excited. They had all met a new friend and really liked school. It is much different than Hendricks but they are getting used to it. There were a few issues on the bus but Maddi told her teacher and the bus driver and it seems to be taken care of. This last weekend we went to Brookings adn spent the night in a hotel with the Olsens. The kids were so excited. It was a really fun time. The hotel had a pool and a water slide. We spent about 3 hours Friday night swimming. Saturday morning we got up and the older kids had a basketball clinic at SDSU. Michael took Olivia home in the van and the rest stayed with me. There were several kids from Hendricks at the clinic. It was fun getting to see them all. After the clinic we went back to the hotel and swam for another hour or so. Then we had to say our goodbyes and off we went. Sunday morning we got halfway through bath time and ran out of hot water. We also didn't have heat. I took the 5 oldest to church while Michael stayed home and waited for someone to come help fix it. He got there after sacrament. After church we talked to the bishop. We both got new callings. Michael is the Young Men's president and I am in the nursery. I'm not too sure about that because I know that Olivia will spend the time crying and wanting me to hold her. It will be a long 2 hours. We'll see how it goes though. Today starts another week. Hopefully it will go as good as last week. We are still getting used to the changes. I am loving being 10 minutes from any store I want. I do miss the social interaction I had in Hendricks but at least we have our phone working now and our internet. Now we just have to wait and see what adventures come our way here in Sioux Falls!

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Spencer and Kimberly said...

I'm glad the move went well. That is such a cute idea - the backpack fairy. What a fun mom! I wish I had good ideas like that. Good luck with getting settled!!