Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

This morning we woke up to little voices excitedly wishing each other Happy Valentine's Day! Then they came in to our room and wished us the same as they jumped on the bed and gave us hugs. Out in the living room they discovered red, white, and pink balloons with hearts on them that Michael and I blew up last night. On the table there were little bags for each of them with little treats in them. It was all simple - they each got a plastic valentine's cup, some candy hearts, pencils, gum and the boys got a hot wheels car and the girls got a hangman pad. There was also a bag for everyone with heart shaped plates, valentine cookies and Uno Spin. They were so excited. I had not gotten anything for Olivia because I had planned on being in Nashville this morning so she opened up Michael's box of chocolates and then was in charge of handing out cookies to everyone (the kids didn't seem to mind if she licked each cookie before she gave it to them)! Last night Michael took us all out to dinner. We went to Applebees because everywhere else had a long wait. It was good food and the kids like going there. Lately Olivia has been into feeding others. Last night she had macaroni and cheese. She sat next to Maddi. Towards the end of the meal, I watched her as she took the macaroni that was stuck to her face and one noodle at a time fed it to Maddi. I'm not sure if Maddi knew exactly where the macaroni was coming from, but she ate it. Isn't that lovely. We do teach our children that it is important to share! Afterwards, we came home, had ice cream and went to bed.

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Monica said...

I am sorry that you didn't get to go on your trip! That's a bummer! It sounds like you had a fun weekend anyway though.