Thursday, February 12, 2009

Crazy Morning

I think everyone here is losing it. It has been a crazy morning. It started at 4:15 when Zeke came into my room mumbling something about a zebra. I told him we'd find his zebra in the morning. Well, I knew he wasn't really awake so I went to make sure he got back in to bed. He had and was in the process of covering up when I realized he was soaked. So I got him back up, changed him, found his dry stuffed animals and put them all in to bed with me and Michael. He talked and counted things for quite sometime before he went back to sleep. The alarm went off at 6:45. So I got the kids up for school. Zane was slightly out of it (you know he's not really awake when he tries to get out of his bunk bed into the wall). He couldn't find his shoes (in his bedroom), couldn't find his mittens (in his backpack) and almost missed the bus (I think he wanted to stay home). As we're getting him out the door Olivia wakes up I got her and sat down on the couch only to have her leak through her pull up on me. At breakfast half the cereal and milk ended up on the floor. Later on Dillon was in his room playing with Zeke and hit his back on the metal bar of the bed which made him cry. Then he went into the living room and somehow hit his head on the couch and started screaming. He came in to my room with blood all over his hand crying because he hit his head and his hand was bleeding. Well, you know head wounds, there was blood everywhere. I covered it with my hand and took him to my bathroom to hold tissues on it until it stopped. He was more worried about his hand bleeding than anything. We washed it off so I could show him his hand was fine and the blood had come from his head. That helped a little. In the meantime, Olivia is going through my purse, emptying out my wallet, chewing my gum and then spitting it out. I can't stop her because I am trying to stop Dillon's head from bleeding. It finally stops and I get Olivia out of the bedroom. Then they all needed a drink so I give them each a cup of water. Olivia's ends up all over the kitchen floor. I took the cup away and dried up the floor. Things settle down a little so I call Grandma to see how she is. While I am talking to her, Olivia has an accident. I clean her up and put new underwear on her only to find her a few minutes later running around with panties in hand. I put a pullup on her, a onsie shirt that snaps and pants hoping to keep her dressed. Then I proceed to clean the kitchen. As I'm doing the dishes, Zeke comes in and tells me that Olivia has put a wash rag in the potty. I go in and sure enough, she's soaked, the floor is soaked and there's a wet rag on the floor. I clean up the floor and get her out of the bathroom and then she wants me to hold her, such innocence! Then I sweep and mop the kitchen floor. While I am doing that Olivia and Zeke get in my bed, Olivia had found the dental floss in the bathroom, and Olivia proceeds to pull out all the floss. I take that away and go to finish the kitchen. Then she find the palm pilot, gets back in my bed, leans against the pillow and starts pushing buttons. Nothing that can do too much damage but still not something she can play with. Then they are all hungry so I get them some string cheese, Olivia throws a fit and throws her cheese because she wants candy instead (there was some out on the table from the kids' valentines parties yesterday). After they eat the cheese they are still hungry so I give them some grapes to eat at the table. Well, they decided to eat them on the floor so Olivia could reach them better. It didn't take too long to have squished grapes on the floor and me remopping that area of the kitchen. Then I start on the laundry. While I am downstairs doing that, Olivia is emptying out the glove and mitten boxes looking for just the right ones to wear. Then she pulls out all of the piano books onto the floor. Then she gets all the Thomas train stuff out and throws all it on the floor. Zeke very kindly picked up the trains, I picked up the hats and mittens and I think the music is still in the floor. I was very glad to go eat lunch with Michael today and then come home and give Olivia a nap. I think I may take one too. Only problem is, it's early out day and the older kids will be coming home soon.

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Katie said...

Lovely day! I want to hear about how the afternoon went! :) Our day was basically like yours ending with josie drinking a bottle of Rachael's soap, getting a horrible stomach ache, and a nasty diaper. :) time for bed.