Saturday, February 21, 2009

Busy Weekend

This weekend seemed to end before it began. We had a lot of fun. The Olsens stopped by Friday evening to visit for a little bit before they went to a show here in Sioux Falls. After they left, we watched High School Musical 3 and ate Subway sandwiches. Then the Olsens came back and picked up Maddi and Makenna for a sleep over. Saturday morning I got up and did the shopping before it got too busy. When I got home, Michael started painting the basement. I picked up where he had left off cleaning the house. Then I fed the kids, put Olivia down for a nap and went downstairs to help paint. We got everything painted and now it's ready for a second coat. It's looking really nice and I'm excited for it to get done. After we had finished painting, Olsens came with the girls. They left Josie and Claire with us while they went and did some errands. Michael took all the kids out to see the buffalo, llama, miniature donkeys and horses. They had a fun afternoon playing. Then later on Ben and Becky came to visit. While they were here Olsens came and picked up their girls. It was fun to have them around this weekend. I sure am missing all my friends from Hendricks. I think I am having a harder time adjusting than the kids! When Ben and Becky left, it was time to start dinner. After dinner I did laundry. Zeke and Olivia were playing downstairs and found some wet paint somewhere and made a mess on themselves. Michael got them in the bath, I washed their hair and Michael got them out. I finished the laundry and sat down and ate some Cadbury Mini Eggs - the best chocolate ever! Anyways, it was busy and seemed to go by quickly but it was fun. Hopefully tomorrow will be a little slower!


Monica said...

I bet it was fun to see your friends. I hope that you get to see us again someday TOO! You're kids are sure growing up!

Melissa said...

Mini eggs? I think you deserve the full size ones for that day! Wet paint and little stuff!