Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Box of Candy Hearts

How far can a promise of candy hearts take you? Today is shopping day and Dillon, of course, hates the thought. Maddi came home from school the other day with a box of candy hearts that they all shared (some with her permission, some without). So today, I promised Dillon that he could get his own box (with his name on it at his request) while we were shopping. So far, that box has helped them eat their breakfast and get ready to go. Now we have to actually do the shopping. How many times will I be able to say "If you.....then you can't get your box of hearts" or "Let's just do one more thing and then you can have your hearts"? Luckily they are still small and a box of hearts is a great thing. We'll see how the day goes. We have major shopping to do since this is the first Michael's been paid since we moved and I've been saving up and adding to the shopping list for 2 weeks. We may have to add a $1 hot wheels car to the package or a chocolate milk! We'll have to go down a few toy isles and make out future birthday lists (they know not to ask for it because I always say maybe for your birthday. Now it just automatically goes on the birthday list. Zeke has a list up to his 6th birthday and he just barely turned three!). It will be a long morning, but won't those hearts taste good when they finally get to eat them (after lunch of course! Why not add on one more thing?)

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