Monday, February 16, 2009

Blessing Behind the Snow

As I mentioned in an ealrier blog, I did not get to go to Tennessee because of the snowstorm that hit Omaha. It was hard to stay home but I knew it wasn't worth the risk of driving in such bad conditions so I stayed home. Well, as I discovered last night, there was a blessing to this. Saturday during the night Olivia startred getting a little couhg. Sunday it got worse. By Sunday night she was having trouble breathing so we started giving her breathing treatments with her nebulizer and albuterol. She had a rough night and as I was sitting on the couch with her around 3:00 this morning I was so grateful that I was not in a hotel room in Nashville with no medicine for her. So despite the dissappointment of not being able to go, I am so glad I didn't. I am taking Olivia to the doctor this afternoon and hopefully we can get her some more relief. Sometimes, blessings come in very disguised packages.

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