Tuesday, February 10, 2009

90 Years of Legacy

This January and February my grandpa and grandma turn 90. A few years ago my grandma started getting dementia. As time passed she began to forget things and people. One person she always knew was my Grandpa. He was determined to take care of her for as long as he could and did a good job of it. She was always fine when he was in sight but if he got out of her sight she would get upset because he was the only person she really knew. Eventually she had to be out in a nursing home. While all of this was still in it's beginning stages I wrote a poem about the two of them. They got married when they were 18 (I think) so they have been married for over 70 years. They have lived good, honest lives and I have always loved them, of course. They are good examples of commitment in an age where commitment has seemed to go by the wayside. I hope as you read this, you can picture the people I am talking about. This has truly come from my heart and their example will always be a part of me.

Her hair is now gray, her face wrinkled with time.
Her balance has lessened, but her smile is still strong.
A once strong, vibrant person has faded with age
Once full of stories, experiences and memories,
Now only knows the one who sits with her.
Day after day he helps her go through
The daily routines that she needs to do.
He stays by her side so she won’t feel lost
Though feeble himself, he stays strong for her.
With each passing day, her memories fade
Her children, once cherished, now fade with her mind
Who comes and who goes she cannot say
But with him by her side she gets through the day.
Their love has grown strong over many years together
So together they climb through one last struggle.
One fully aware of all that goes on
The other only aware of when he is gone.
This act of true love is a legacy for all
For to love through the hard times and not just the good
Is simple and beautiful and completely pure.

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