Saturday, January 17, 2009

One load down

Yesterday we took a trailer load of all the boxes and stuff that I had packed through the week. We were also able to take some of the furniture that we weren't needing. It was nice to get the rooms cleared out again. Now we have room to walk. Of course last night Michael and I brought all the food storage (wheat is about the extent of it) upstairs and now it looks like it did before we took the load. We also took the kids to see their new school. They seemed to like it. It's much bigger than where they are now. All the kids k-12 are in the same building but they keep the younger kids separate from the older ones. I must say as we walked through the school, it brought back a lot of memories and nervous stomachs. I remember all the times I had to go to a new school and I felt it all again. I hated moving for the most part and I feel bad about making the kids move now. I know they will be fine but I sure remembered how I used to feel. Anyways, we were able tog et quiet a bit accomplished yesterday. Now I just have to pack up all the odds and ends and clean the house. It will be a crazy week. Tonight we are going to a party that the Olsens are throwing for us. The kids are excited. There will be about 20 kids there, most of their closest friends. It will be fun but sad. Tomorrow at church they will have a potluck for us. Michael is thinking of skipping it! He hates potlucks. The kids love them though. Then after the weekend it's down to business. Friday we will take treats to school and have pictures taken. Zane's teacher is having aprty for him and she declared it Cowboy Day in honor of Zane. All the kindergarteners are supposed to dress up in western clothes and they will have a party in the afternoon. Zane thinks that's cool. It will be a sad but exciting day.


Melissa said...

It sounds like your family is very loved in that community! I'm sorry have to go, but it's seems like a very good move for your family. Good luck with it all!

Spencer and Kimberly said...

That is so cute that they had Cowboy Day for Zane!