Thursday, January 22, 2009

I'm ready to go, Mom

Here Olivia has decided she wants to go somewhere. She has on all the necessities, boots because there is snow on the ground, a jacket because it's freezing outside and a hat to keep her head warm. She also has on clean underwear (doesn't mom always say to wear clean underwear?). And she was really smart about how she put on her jacket. It's upside down. She doesn't need the hood for her head because she has on a stocking cap so she put it on upside down so her little bum stays warm. Underwear isn't near as warm as a diaper! Yes, little Lala has decided that she want's to be potty trained. She knows how to go into the bathroom, put on the potty seat, put the little footstool in front of the potty, call for someone to help her on. Then she'll sit there and talk. ask for some toilet paper, wipe herself, get help getting off, flush the potty, push the stool to the sink,wash her hands, go out and shut the door and then ask to do it all over again in two minutes. She's had some success, but not enough for me to be wanting to deal with it in the middle of a move. Maybe once we get moved and the pressure is off, then I can focus on trying to potty train a hard-headed little girl. By the way, for all of you who are wondering - she gets it from her father! Michael of course will ask who her father is, but we all know!

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Spencer and Kimberly said...

She is too cute! Won't that be nice to be done with potty training and diapers!? Can you even remember the days of no diaper changing? I think that's great she's interested! Good luck!