Saturday, December 27, 2008

Olivia's hair

Olivia cracks me up. She has a personality like I have never seen before. She knows what she wants and nothing is going to stop her from getting it. She is the messiest little girl I have ever seen. She loves to color on any bare spot of skin she can find. One day she got a marker and pulled up her shirt and colored on her belly - in all the colors, then she pulled up her pant legs and did the same. Then she colored on the backs of her hands, pulled up her sleeves and got as much of her arms as she could, colored her mouth and then went to work on the bottoms of her shoes. After she was done she would walk around showing everyone her artwork. She was so proud! When she eats it gets everywhere. We can't keep a bib on her and they don't make them big enough to hold her mess. Her hair is constantly coated with things I probably don't want to know about or it's stuck to her face from her latest snack. When you look at her you can see it in her eyes. They are full of what's inside her. You can see her mood in her eyes. Her hair, though, says OLIVIA. I love it in the mornings when it doubles the size of her head and she has to tilt her head way back to see. I love it right after the shower when it's all curly and soft. Static cling does wonders for it and so does ketchup and suckers. Here are a few pictures and by looking at her hair you can get to know our little angel, Princess Lala.


Monica said...

wow you right she does have some major bedhead going on!

Emma said...

That's not bedhead, that's just Lala head!

Spencer and Kimberly said...

She is so cute! I can't wait to meet her one of these days!