Saturday, December 27, 2008


What a fun couple of days! Christmas Eve morning the kids opened the presents that they give each other. We do it in the morning so they can have the day to enjoy whatever it is that they get. They were excited to finally get to open something.

That evening we went to the Feslers again for dinner, a little program and games. The kids love it. There were 17 people there this year. We are thankful to have them to spend the evening with. We got home around 10:45 and got the kids ready for bed as soon as possible, then Michael and I finished up what we needed to do and got to bed by midnight. I had most everything wrapped beforehand so it didn't take too long. We had to fill the stockings and set out the presents and write a thank you note from Santa. Then I had to put a treat next to each one's pillow (from Santa).

Michael got up at 6 to go do chores and I got up to make sure I hadn't forgotten anything. Dillon came down while Michael was gone and checked out his stocking. The others eventually trickled down the stairs, with the help of Michael, and we opened presents. It was a lot of fun. Despite the budget that I put myself on, we had the best Christmas we have ever had. I was blessed to find great deals and everything that the kids wanted was on sale. Maddi's favorite thing was a laptop that Stacey and John found for us (for free). Makenna loves her leapster (that I had to fight for the day after Thanksgiving), Zane loves his leaptser and his light up star wars shirt. Dillon loved everything - his train set and his hot wheels town. Zeke loved Olivia's horse and Olivia loved her doll.

The biggest hit though was the ride on battery operated 4 wheeler we got from the Walbas. Michael and I accidentally found it at Walmart. It was the display model and it was on sale for $99, regularly $298. It even came with an extra battery. I was so excited about it. We saved that for last and the kids went crazy! Everyone took turns sitting on it. That afternoon we took it upstairs in the barn and they drove it around. Olivia was the all-time passenger. Even Zeke could drive her around on it. Anyways, it was a fun day that we got to spend together. Yesterday my friend Sara, came over and brought presents for the kids. I have known her since 5th grade. They got play dough, markers, crayons, coloring books, construction paper, and drawing pads. They love that stuff and immediately put it all to use. It was in the 30's yesterday so when we got back from town they went outside and played on the big snowpile that Michael had made for them. They loved that. Today they are planning on playing on it again.


Monica said...

Sounds like you guys had a great Christmas! It's fun being the mom isn't it?

Spencer and Kimberly said...

What a fun Christmas!