Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning is finally here, we’ve waited for so long
The children are dancing and singing as the radio plays Christmas songs.
Each stocking has a candy cane; there are presents under the tree
Bright packages with ribbons and bows are such a sight to see.
The children’s eyes sparkle just like the Christmas tree lights
The magic of the moment makes everything merry and bright.
The air is filled with joyful squeals as gifts are opened one by one
Santa Clause thought of everything, nothing was left undone.
The magic that was felt all season long is still filling the air
Oh, to be a child on Christmas day without a single worry or care!
To feel the joy of the moment and forget about yesterday
Nothing that tomorrow brings will ruin the special day
Believing hearts and child like faith is what makes the day so special
So close your eyes and step back in time to when you were a child so small
Take in the magic and with each opened package, feel the excitement grow within.
Then this day will be filled with wonder and amazement as you become a child once again

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