Friday, November 14, 2008

It keeps going around and around

We have been sick for a month here. It started out as colds with me and Olivia, then it turned in to pink eye for 4 of the kids. Then Zane got diarrhea. Then I got sick again. Then Zane threw up at church last Wednesday. Monday night Makenna and Dillon threw up.Wednesday Michael didn't feel well. Wednesday afternoon Olivia threw up. Wednesday night Dillon got diarrhea and threw up. Then all night he had diarrhea. Yesterday Zeke started getting diarrhea. Last night Dillon threw up in the night again. This morning Zeke still doesn't feel well. I can't get this cough gone and I have to get ready for Makenna's birthday party today. Yesterday I opened all the windows and wiped everything down with clorox hoping that would help. I haven't slept through the night in several weeks, which is why I can't get better I assume. Every night I've been up at least once for 30 mintues to an hour at a time. Sometimes it has been for several hours. I've had kids in the bed with us on several different occassions and even ended up on the couch one night because I had been up threee times with children and was sick myself and had to speak in church the next morning. I think we are going to start bathing, doing dishes and washing clothes in clorox.

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Monica said...

We have been sick too. Not for so long though, and not the same kind of sickness. I don't know what to tell you other than OPEN ALL THE WINDOWS! Than you would probably get pneumonia....that probably wouldn't help. Love you Emma. hang in there.