Saturday, November 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Makenna!

Today is Makenna's 7th birthday. Last night we had her party. It was fun. They all wore their pajamas, had pedicures, watched a movie, and played. I took them home around 9pm. They asked to have the same party next year. Today I am going to take Makenna to town and we will have a birthday date. She is excited. Tonight at the Olsen Custom Farm Harvest party they will sing happy birthday to her in front of everyone. She is excited for that too.

Yesterday I had to take Zeke to the doctor. He had been having diarrhea and it looked like there was blood in it. He had to have x-rays and blood taken. They said everything looked normal so just to keep liquids in him. He got worse as the day went on it seemed. Michael ended up having to take him in to the hospital last night and have more blood taken. He was still hydrated and his blood levels were fine so he got to come home. We have been having to feed him pedialyte from a spoon and constantly change his diapers. I slept with him last night and I changed him 5 times. He threw up once in the night and three times yesterday. I have to take him back to the doctor this morning. The poor little thing is miserable. I hope he gets better soon.

Thursday night Olivia found a pair of Dillons underwear and put it on like she saw him do after his shower (except she already had her pajamas on). She wore them all night. The next morning she was getting ready for the bus as usual. She brushed her teeth with the big kids and then got on her boots and hat and waited with the big kids until the bus came. She is such a little goof ball. She certainly has a mind of her own and knows exactly what she wants!


Spencer and Kimberly said...

What a fun party and cute birthday girl! I hope Zeke get well soon and everyone else too! That Olivia sure is cute - I love the pictures. We really need to see you guys sometime. I don't believe we've ever met Olivia. Crazy!

Monica said...

Little Olivia is so cute!