Monday, November 24, 2008

Maddi's Birthday

Last Friday was Maddi's birthday. She turned 8 years old. She will be getting baptized on Sunday. She is so excited. I can't believe she is that old. Time sure flies! We had a little party for her Friday night. She invited over 3 friends. She wanted to do the same thing Makenna did for hers, so we did a pajama party with pedicures, food, a movie, cake and ice cream. Michael took the other kids bowling (except for Lala) so Maddi and her friends had the house to themsleves. Saturday I took Maddi to town for her birthday date. We ate lunch at McDonalds and went shopping. (By the way, I did finally get to go on a birthday date with Makenna on Wednesday). It was fun to spend one on one time with her. Dillon and I also went to school on Friday and ate lunch with her. Today is Michael's birthday. I made him apricot fried pies, his favorite. The kids all tackled him after supper and tried to give him birthday spankings. While the kids had him pinned, Olivia came up and with her snow boot son, kicked him in the head and kind of stepped on him. When she got a good reaction from it she dis it again and again, until he grabbed her and started tickling her. She is a little monster and loves to play like the big kids! All in all it has been a good weekend. Zeke is doing great and no one else seems sick at the moment so I really can't complain.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

More Zeke

Zeke finally got to come home yesterday, not Monday as expected. They wanted to keep him in one more night to make sure he was doing all right. They did another blood test to check his kidneys. Some of those numbers were off so they didn't want to rush him. Tuesday monring his strep test came back and he had strep throat too. They started him on antibiotics for that. He did pretty good Tuesday. The cramping had subsided and his stool was getting more solid. He ate crackers and applesauce and drank grape juice. We finally got to leave around 6 pm. It feels good to be home and to have him home with us. It's a feeling I can't describe. We sure felt how much of a difference he makes in our family. I am so glad to hear him playing and running around again. Thank you to all of you who made phone calls, sent prizes, made visits and said prayers.

Monday, November 17, 2008


This weekend ended up with very unexpected happenings. We had planned on having a party for Makenna Friday night with her friends, waking up Saturday and opening presents. Then Makenna and I were going to go on a birthday date and then that night go to the Olsen Custom Farms Harvest party (the biggest party of the year). Well Friday morning Zeke woke up (he had not been feeling that great for a few days and had gotten diahrrea Thursday) with blood in his stool. I took him to the doctor. They drew blood and took x-rays, couldn't find anything and sent him home. He got worse it seemed through the afternoon. Michael ended up taking him in to the hospital that night while I did Makenna's party. They took more blood and sent him home. He threw up three times Friday and once more in the night. Saturday morning we let Kenna open her presents and I took Zeke to the doctor. The doctor had more blood taken and checked a few of Zeke's dirty diapers to make sure it was blood in his stool. It was. His blood count had gone up some too so he sent me on to the hospital in Brookings where there was a pediatrician to look at him. When we got to the emergency room, Zeke threw up again. They put an IV in him (it only took 4 tries!) which he hated. He kept saying "Don't poke me, don't poke me!". It was so sad. After they got his IV in they realized they had forgotten to take a blood sample so they had to poke his finger. He didn't like that either. Then we went up to a room. They got him all hooked up to everything and we settled in. They took stool samples and monitored him. We stayed the night Saturday. Sunday morning they came in and took more blood. He seemed better Sunday but was still up and down. They took a throat swab to make sure he didn't have strep. He ate a little on Sunday and came a live for a little bit but then crashed around 5:30. Michael came in around 6pm to stay with him and I went home with the other kids. This morning he is doing much better and is expected to come home this afternoon. I sure hope he does. They are taking him off his IV to see how he does on his own. All of his tests came back negative so they think the blood came from his digestive track being so sore and irritated. It seems to be getting better. Anyways, it was a crazy weekend. I ended up missing all of Makenna's birthday which I felt horrible about. We are going to do a make-up date this week. They all had fun at the party and even won some prizes. Everyone else is doing good. Dillon has some diahrrea, but is fine. I am still sick and will need to start taking my inhaler on a regular basis until I get better. This breathing is wearing me out. I got the primary program postponed for another week so that is good. Now I just have to get ready for Maddi's birthday this weekend. We were going to have her baptized on Sunday, but I think that will have to wait for another week on that too.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Makenna!

Today is Makenna's 7th birthday. Last night we had her party. It was fun. They all wore their pajamas, had pedicures, watched a movie, and played. I took them home around 9pm. They asked to have the same party next year. Today I am going to take Makenna to town and we will have a birthday date. She is excited. Tonight at the Olsen Custom Farm Harvest party they will sing happy birthday to her in front of everyone. She is excited for that too.

Yesterday I had to take Zeke to the doctor. He had been having diarrhea and it looked like there was blood in it. He had to have x-rays and blood taken. They said everything looked normal so just to keep liquids in him. He got worse as the day went on it seemed. Michael ended up having to take him in to the hospital last night and have more blood taken. He was still hydrated and his blood levels were fine so he got to come home. We have been having to feed him pedialyte from a spoon and constantly change his diapers. I slept with him last night and I changed him 5 times. He threw up once in the night and three times yesterday. I have to take him back to the doctor this morning. The poor little thing is miserable. I hope he gets better soon.

Thursday night Olivia found a pair of Dillons underwear and put it on like she saw him do after his shower (except she already had her pajamas on). She wore them all night. The next morning she was getting ready for the bus as usual. She brushed her teeth with the big kids and then got on her boots and hat and waited with the big kids until the bus came. She is such a little goof ball. She certainly has a mind of her own and knows exactly what she wants!

Friday, November 14, 2008

It keeps going around and around

We have been sick for a month here. It started out as colds with me and Olivia, then it turned in to pink eye for 4 of the kids. Then Zane got diarrhea. Then I got sick again. Then Zane threw up at church last Wednesday. Monday night Makenna and Dillon threw up.Wednesday Michael didn't feel well. Wednesday afternoon Olivia threw up. Wednesday night Dillon got diarrhea and threw up. Then all night he had diarrhea. Yesterday Zeke started getting diarrhea. Last night Dillon threw up in the night again. This morning Zeke still doesn't feel well. I can't get this cough gone and I have to get ready for Makenna's birthday party today. Yesterday I opened all the windows and wiped everything down with clorox hoping that would help. I haven't slept through the night in several weeks, which is why I can't get better I assume. Every night I've been up at least once for 30 mintues to an hour at a time. Sometimes it has been for several hours. I've had kids in the bed with us on several different occassions and even ended up on the couch one night because I had been up threee times with children and was sick myself and had to speak in church the next morning. I think we are going to start bathing, doing dishes and washing clothes in clorox.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Piano Recital

The girls had a duet recital tonight at the nursing home. It was their first time to do one together. They did a really good job.


Halloween was fun this year. Wednesday night we went to church and had a trunk-or-treat. Friday the kids got to waer thier costumes to school and go have a costume parade at the nursing home and go trick-or-treating there. Then they got to go back to school and have a party. Friday night we had our traditional spaghetti supper and went out trick-or-treating. We went to Orville's house and then headed in to Hendricks. We went to Ben's house (Becky was there and Dillon has a crush on her) and to some of the teachers' houses. They got quite a bit of candy. It was a beautiful night, around 50 degrees. Maddi dressed up as a baseball player, Makenna wore her Tae Kwon Do outfit. Zane was a ninja, Susie was a cowboy, Zeke was a dinosaur and Olivia was a pumpkin Wednesday and a ladybug on Friday. I dressed up as a lady with a big swollen chin and Michael dressed up as a cowboy. My chin is doing much better for everyone's info. Saturday we went to the doctor and Maddi, Dillon and Olivia have pink eye. Zeke woke up with it this morning. Zane is hoping to get it so he can stay home from school!