Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Show of Friendship

Through all of this frustration and worry, we have been humbled by the people around us. The people in this community have gone out of their way to help us and support us. I get phone calls daily of job leads and ideas. We have a house we can move into when we find another job. We have offers of help and words of kindness and support. I get told often that they don't want to lose our family and how much we mean to this community and school and they are doing all they can to keep us here. I even had the principal call me this morning for somejuob ideas and last years principal is going to talk to the people at his church and see if anyone has any ideas. It has humbled me to see how much the community likes our family and wants us here. I have never experienced this before from so many people. I got birthday cards filled with kindness telling us what good examples we are to others and how much they love our family. So despite the difficulties that we are facing with how to feed and take care of our family, we have seen a silver lining in the kindness and concern that is being shown to us. It shows me that people do watch and they can feel the spirit when we do our best and try to live our lives the way we have been taught. Even though we haven't found answers yet and our struggles don't seem to be anywhere near over, it is a testimony to me that Heavenly Father is still there and is still watching over us.

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