Sunday, October 26, 2008

Halloween Cookies

Yesterday we made our halloween sugar cookies. Makenna and Zane got invited to see High School Musical 3 at the movies (which if you don't know is a HUGE deal), so the rest of us decided to make cookies (partly because Maddi was in tears because she wasn't invited and we needed to do something to pass the time). It was a lot of fun. The decorating was the most fun, of course. Michael is still travelling and won'tbe back until early Tuesday morning. I was supposed to speak in church today but last night as I was trying to finish up my talk, Maddi came downstairs and informed me that Zane had pooped on the dirty clothes pile in the bathroom. I went up stairs and sure enough, he had. He had laid a towel over the top of it all and went back to bed. As I was cleaning that up Maddi informed me that Zane had also thrown up in the garbage. I looked and once again she was right. I cleaned that up too, started a load of laundry and made a few phone calls to let people know I may not be at church. 45 miles is a long way to go when we can't even make it a few feet down the hallway without an accident. While I was on the phone Zane came running down the stairs holding his backside (Makenna was in the bathroom upstairs) yelling he had to go potty. He made it to the entryway and had another little mishap. I told him to go stand in the shower and I would come. Obviously it felt a little uncomfortable because he started running with his legs apart so everyting started running down his legs and onto the floor. So I cleaned up that mess, bathed him, made another phone call saying I for sure was not coming and then went to bed. The missionaries have to speak in my place. We seem to be doing better this morning, but the girls are complaining of upset stomachs so who knows what the rest of the day will bring. At least we have yummy cookies to eat and I have some leftover M&Ms if it gets too stressful! Michael did make it to Ohio last night and this morning he is on his way to Lexington. He will spend the night there tonight. And I got the fire in the stove started all by myself which is good because it is cold today.


Sherma said...

Emma, so I finally sat down and got caught up on my emails. Just as I was about to delete yours, I thought, could this possibly be "our Emma"? Fortunately, I opened it, found your link to your blog and have been catching up on 6little Christiansens. Can I just say: What a trooper! What a mother! What an example!...What a cute family! Please send me your email address; I want to send you a note! But for the time being, just remember the words of a song Pres. Hinckley often quoted: He [who watches over us all] slumbers not, nor sleeps. HE, is most certainly aware of the 6 little Christiansens and their faithful parents! {Unlike some who don't open email frequently and aren't aware of much!) :)
Love ya Emma,

Monica said...

Ug. That is not fun. But hey, at least you didn't have to speak in church, right?

Spencer and Kimberly said...

I'm sorry about that fun fiasco! I hope none of your other kids (or you) catch that one! Good luck.