Saturday, October 11, 2008

Half Marathon

Today was the half marathon fundraiser. I was at the park at 6am setting up. I could hear the thunder and see the lightening. By 7 am it had started sprinkling and we were all nervous about what was in store for us. It did stop and turned out to be a beautiful (but cold) day. We had a great turn out. There were 72 kids from the school that came and ran with us. That's almost half of the school. We ended up making around $900 from the racers and then another $300 left over from sponsor money. I am very excited about it. Everyone (except one person) enjoyed the race and we have many that have asked us to do it again, which we plan on doing. I even had some one come and ask us to be a sponsor next time. The kids all had fun too. There was plenty of food and all the kids get prizes on Monday. Pam and I are ready for a nap, as are a few others.

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Spencer and Kimberly said...

Congrats on being done with that big project. I bet it's nice having that all done. It looks like it was fun and a big success!