Wednesday, August 20, 2008

First Day of School

Today was the first day of school. The kdis were so excited. They went to the open house last night and got to see their rooms and some of their friends. I felt some excitement too because I would once again have a schedule and only three children to haul around the countryside. When the alarm went off this morning some of my excitement left me. As I watched them go to the bus stop, I felt a little sadness. Each year means different experiences and each year means that they are growing up. My little cowboy is in kindergarten. That's not supposed to happen yet. I did enjoy the day though. I traded my 2 seater stroller for Pam's 3 seater stroller and the 3 little kids and I went on a 4 mile walk/run. It was quite windy and that stroller with Dillon in it is much heavier than the other one so we only ran down hill with the wind. We stopped at Lorie's and they ate a green apple and then we went home. Later in the morning we headed to Walmart and Runnings. It was nice to have a smaller crew with me. We got home in time to set things up for the Backpakc Fairy to come and then the kids came home from school. They all came home happy and had loved the day. I was actually more excited to see them than I had expected to be. Overall it was a good day. I guess ready or not, the kids are growing up and I will have to grow up with them!

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Spencer and Kimberly said...

How fun to start school again. It's nice to get a routine. But how sad it is that time flies and our kids grow up so fast!