Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Fun weekend

Last Thursday, our friends, the Olsens, took me and the four oldest kids to the High School Musical play in Lake Benton. It was a lot of fun. Our kids love that movie and it was fun for them to see the play and then meet that characters afterwards. They got their picture taken with Troy, Chad, Gabriella and Sharpay. Before we went to the play they had a little time to play. Josie and Claire took Maddi and Makenna for rides on the 4-wheeler and Zane took Ellie for a ride in the Gator. When we got back it was after 10 pm and they jumped out of the car ready to play some more. Susie got to drive the gator, Zane gave Ellie another ride and then we headed home. The next morning Michale left for the race tracks. The kids and I left after lunch and met him there. We did some school shopping while Michael was busy with the horses and then we went to the races together. The next morning Michael had to be back at the tracks so the kids and I did a little more shopping. Then we stopped by to see Michael before we headed home. Sunday, the Olsens came over again and we had a picnic and then the kids practiced with their horses for the fair. Makenna, Josie and Claire are all doing it. Maddi thinks she might next year. Ben (he works with Michael) came and joined in on the fun. The kids absolutely love him. It has been fun having the Olsens over so much. Our kids love them and they are such a nice family. We are blessed to have friends like them. Last night they had their last t-ball practice. Today we enter in their projects for the fair. Tomorrow night the Olsens and the Johnsons are going to come over and clean the horses and shine them up so they will be pretty for the fair and then Thursday morning is the show. They are all excited. We will post pictures for every one.

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