Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The first game

Yesterday was the kids first t-ball/baseball game. They had fun. Makenna and Zane had their t-ball game first. They did a good job and as they both will tell you - they never got out (no one does in t-ball). Makenna played pitcher nad Zane played 3rd base. Zane wasn't really sure what he was supposed tp be doing. He knew he was supposed to go to the base whenever the ball was in play but I don't think he knew why. He would just wait for a runner and then race them to base. He always won because he had a head start. Maddi now plays coach pitch baseball. She loves it and does pretty good. She got to play pitcher during one inning, which she loves to do. She did a good job too last night and she never got out either. Wednesday will be their next, and last, game. Zane invited Ben to come watch so the kids were excited to get to play with him. They absolutely love Ben and he seems to like them too.


Joyce Anne said...

Way to go Maddison, Makenna and Zane. It sounds like fun. Emma, thanks for the pictures. I miss being able to see them play so that helps. Love you all.

Monica said...

Thanks for keeping us posted! They all look like they are enjoying themselves out there!