Thursday, July 31, 2008

Fair Week

Fair week has arrived. We went to Tyler Tuesday so the girls could turn in their fair projects. They did a good job and each got 5 ribbons. Afterwards they got to go home with the Olsens and go swimming at their grandmas house. While playing, Maddi decided that she could give Ellie, who is 3 and almost as big as Maddi, a piggy back ride. As she lifted Ellie on her back she lost her balance and went head first onto the cement. Ellie was able to stick her hands out and catch herself but Maddi had her hands around Ellie's legs and didn't catch herself. She got a big bump and raw spot on her forehead. It's up into the hair line. It rubbed off all her hair and now the blue/green color is coming down in to her eyes. It is looking much better today than it did when it happened. It is still quite sore and she gets headaches from it.

Yesterday we went with the Olsens swimming for a few hours. Then last night they came over to get the horses cleaned up for the show today. The Johnsons came too. While they were all playing, Maddi fell and skinned up her knee so now it matches her head.

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Spencer and Kimberly said...

That looks so painful. Poor girl!