Thursday, July 31, 2008

Fair Week

Fair week has arrived. We went to Tyler Tuesday so the girls could turn in their fair projects. They did a good job and each got 5 ribbons. Afterwards they got to go home with the Olsens and go swimming at their grandmas house. While playing, Maddi decided that she could give Ellie, who is 3 and almost as big as Maddi, a piggy back ride. As she lifted Ellie on her back she lost her balance and went head first onto the cement. Ellie was able to stick her hands out and catch herself but Maddi had her hands around Ellie's legs and didn't catch herself. She got a big bump and raw spot on her forehead. It's up into the hair line. It rubbed off all her hair and now the blue/green color is coming down in to her eyes. It is looking much better today than it did when it happened. It is still quite sore and she gets headaches from it.

Yesterday we went with the Olsens swimming for a few hours. Then last night they came over to get the horses cleaned up for the show today. The Johnsons came too. While they were all playing, Maddi fell and skinned up her knee so now it matches her head.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Fun weekend

Last Thursday, our friends, the Olsens, took me and the four oldest kids to the High School Musical play in Lake Benton. It was a lot of fun. Our kids love that movie and it was fun for them to see the play and then meet that characters afterwards. They got their picture taken with Troy, Chad, Gabriella and Sharpay. Before we went to the play they had a little time to play. Josie and Claire took Maddi and Makenna for rides on the 4-wheeler and Zane took Ellie for a ride in the Gator. When we got back it was after 10 pm and they jumped out of the car ready to play some more. Susie got to drive the gator, Zane gave Ellie another ride and then we headed home. The next morning Michale left for the race tracks. The kids and I left after lunch and met him there. We did some school shopping while Michael was busy with the horses and then we went to the races together. The next morning Michael had to be back at the tracks so the kids and I did a little more shopping. Then we stopped by to see Michael before we headed home. Sunday, the Olsens came over again and we had a picnic and then the kids practiced with their horses for the fair. Makenna, Josie and Claire are all doing it. Maddi thinks she might next year. Ben (he works with Michael) came and joined in on the fun. The kids absolutely love him. It has been fun having the Olsens over so much. Our kids love them and they are such a nice family. We are blessed to have friends like them. Last night they had their last t-ball practice. Today we enter in their projects for the fair. Tomorrow night the Olsens and the Johnsons are going to come over and clean the horses and shine them up so they will be pretty for the fair and then Thursday morning is the show. They are all excited. We will post pictures for every one.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The first game

Yesterday was the kids first t-ball/baseball game. They had fun. Makenna and Zane had their t-ball game first. They did a good job and as they both will tell you - they never got out (no one does in t-ball). Makenna played pitcher nad Zane played 3rd base. Zane wasn't really sure what he was supposed tp be doing. He knew he was supposed to go to the base whenever the ball was in play but I don't think he knew why. He would just wait for a runner and then race them to base. He always won because he had a head start. Maddi now plays coach pitch baseball. She loves it and does pretty good. She got to play pitcher during one inning, which she loves to do. She did a good job too last night and she never got out either. Wednesday will be their next, and last, game. Zane invited Ben to come watch so the kids were excited to get to play with him. They absolutely love Ben and he seems to like them too.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Late night

Tonight we had plans of Michael riding horses with Makenna, Zane and Dillon while I took Maddi, Zeke and Olivia for a walk. When we all got done we were going to roast marshmallows and then get ready for bed. While we were on our walk I noticed Maddi was wheezing a lot. She had been coughing all day but now it had gotten worse. She said her chest was hurting and every time she coughed her throat hurt. She even informed me she had "puked in her mouth" several times. When we got back the the house I told Michael and while he was getting the fire started for the marshmallow roast I called the hospital. They told me to bring her in. Just as we were getting ready to leave, Lorie and Bob drove in the driveway with their daughter and granddaughter. We said our hellos and then I left with Maddi. She was upset because she wanted to stay and play with Finley who is 8 and have marshmallows. The doctor gave Maddi and inhaler and told us to give her some type of cold or allergy medicine and some tylenol for her fever. She wasn't sure if Maddi has asthma or not but we are supposed to keep a watch on things and see if she continues to have problems breathing when she is active or at other times. It was after 9pm when we got home and no one was at the house. Maddi was hoping they all went to Lories house to roast marshmallows for a surprise for her. I knew better. Michael was called on duty. The other kids were sitting in the car at Lorie's and Michael was in the barn with Bob and Lorie working on a horse. She has to always have everything done right now whether it needs it or not. Finally at 10pm he was done. We go home and quickly got ready for bed. The others did get to roast a couple of marshmallows, but Maddi will have to wait for another day.

Memory Game

1. As a comment on my blog, leave one memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you knew me a little or a lot, anything you remember!

2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you. It's actually pretty funny to see the responses. If you leave a memory about me, I'll come to your blog (if you have one) and leave a memory about you.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Swimming lessoons

We finished swimming lessons today. Zane passed to level 2. Maddi passed to level 3. Makenna will stay in level 2. She used to be terrified of the water and especially of getting her face wet. She does much better in the water now. She'll leave the edge and even jump in, but still hesitates to let her face get in it. So her and Zane will get to be in the same class next year.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

He's Home!

Well, actually he's working but he's home! Another trip done and now he will get to be home for a couple of weeks before he has to go on another long trip. We even got to sleep in a little this morning and swimming lessons were cancelled because of rain so we didn't have to rush around and go any where. Simple pleasures bring the greatest joys!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The craziness continues

Today was another busy, busy day. It's Ben's birthday (he works here with Michael and the kids love him) so the kids made cards for him this morning and decorated our traditional big cookies. Then they waited for him to come do chores so they could take him his treats and sing to him. I had a presidency meeting this afternoon that I had to get ready for so I spent a few minutes writing a thought that went with the scriptures I found. We also talked to Michael, did laundry and got out of the house by 9:25, stopping to deliver cookies to Orville on our way to the pool. Since we had to leave early yesterday I let the kids stay and swim for 30 minutes after lessons then we headed back home. Maddi and Makenna stayed at the pool with some friends and then spent the day at their house. I stopped to get gas on the way home, had to change clothes because I got soaked at the pool, fed the kids lunch and got them changed and then we left again by 12:45 to go to Watertown. There, we went to the bank and Target. Then we went to the church so I could have my meeting. It got done at 4:30 (it was only supposed to go an hour but ended up going 2). While at the church, Olivia pooped through her diaper and Dillon had an accident. So going through wal-mart I had Dillon in Zeke's shorts with no underwear, Zeke in a diaper and no shorts, Olivia in an outfit with poo stains and screaming because she was tired. Zeke eventually had to be put in the cart because he would chase the other boys down the aisle and tackle them. Once in the cart, he cried the rest of the time. We made it out of Wal-mart, got something to eat on the way home and got home a little after 6pm. The girls came home about 8:30, we called Michael and I promptly put them to bed. Now all is quiet and I am loving it! Makenna was so tired she went to sleep with Olivia crying, Maddi talking to herself and the boys running around their room jumping off the beds and playing (really loudly). I think I could do the same if given the opportunity!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Another exciting day

This morning at swimming lessons, one of the lifeguards came over and told me that Zane was in the office bleeding with an ice pack on his chin. She didn't know exactly what he did, but she didn't think it was too bad. I went in and found him. He couldn't really tell us what happened except that he hit his chin on the edge of the pool. It was a little cut, but it was pretty deep and everytime he moved his chin it would pop open. They suggested I take him to see if it needed glued shut. I called the doctor on the way home from the pool and they told me to come right over. No one had clothes or shoes so here we come trudging in to the doctor's office with towels, wet heads and bare feet. I had to lay Zeke and Olivia down out in the lobby and put their regular diapers on them so then we had 2 in nothing but diapers and 4 in swimming suits. Our appointment was at 11:15 (yeah right). The doctor told us that since it was on his chin and kept popping open he would need stitches instead of glue. Well, quite a few tears, 6 suckers and 4 stitches later, we left. It was 12:40 when we got home. Unfortunately the girls had piano lessons at 1:00 so they had to run in, put shorts over their swim suits, grab thier books and get shoes on. I got them some cold pizza out of the fridge to eat on the way over. We dropped them off and the rest of us came home to eat lunch, then we went back to get them at 2:00. Luckily we don't have anything else to do except Tae Kwan Do tonight. I'm kind of tired and already looking forward to bed time. Hopefully tomorrow will be less eventful. We just have swimming in the morning and I have a presidency meeting in the afternoon. Then of course there is the dreaded grocery shopping afterwards. I will use Culvers as bribery though. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do! (Plus I will need the ice cream to calm my nerves!)

Monday, July 14, 2008

Gone Again

Michael left again this afternoon for his fourth Kentucky trip in five weeks. We were, of course, sad to see him go but he will get back sometime early Thursday morning. After this he won't have another trip until next month sometime and then another one in September or October. I'm glad it is slowing down now. So is he. Next week he will have to be in Minneapolis for the weekend for a horse sale. The kids and I will go and meet him there and go to the races. It is always fun to go to the races.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Princess Lala

The power of the hose

It's so nice when the littlest one gets the power of the hose. All the others are at his mercy. The things that they will do to get him to be their friend is crazy. Usually the older ones are the ones who get to boss everyone else around. It's nice when you're little to get the occassional chance to be in control. Every two year old needs that!

Learning to ride a bike

Now for those of you who can't remember, learning to ride a bike takes a lot of effort and inflicts a lot of pain. Zane has learned that this weekend. Although his problem was not riding the bike, it was stopping. Luckily he had a lot of props to help him stop - trees, trucks, Dillon, Zeke, and the ground. Starting was also a problem, trying to get the pedal in the proper position to start took a lot of effort and a lot of shins hitting the pedals. Speed is another issue. He could go really fast farely easily, but slowing down was another issue. Thank goodness he had soft grass that he could turn into to help him slow down before using one of his props to help him stop! After a few days he has really gotten the hang of it and does really well. We had to get him a smaller bike so he could reach the ground better and that helped. Once he learned to ride it lit a little fire under Maddi and she has also learned to ride without training wheels. Makenna is still trying. Anyways, enjoy the pictures and remember when.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Maddi's Performance

As I mentioned in the last entry, Maddi had to play the piano for the performing arts portion of the 4-H county fair. She did a really good job. She was the first one to go. After she played, she had to go talk to the judge and answer some questions. She also had to write a paragraph about what song she chose and why she chose it. She played 10 Little Indians. Next year Makenna will get to do it too.

Nashville Trip

Well, we made it through one long trip! It was fun, the kids did great travelling, but it's nice to be home. We left last Wednesday morning at 3:30 and drove until about 6:30 that evening. We stopped outside Indianapolis for the night. When we got to the hotel we grabbed a bite to eat, went swimming for a while and then went to bed. The next morning we didn't leave until about 9:30 and went to Lexington so Michael could drop off the truck and trailer and jump in the car with us. We got to Nashville around 6pm and met at my Grandpa's house. My parents and Sam and his family all came too. We visited there for a few minutes and then went to Cracker Barrel for supper. After that we went to the hotel and went to bed.

The next day we went to Lewisburg to visit my uncle. Mom and Sam and his family came too. We had a bbq and the kids played all over the farm. Uncle Kenneth sprayed them with water, then it started raining so they all played in the rain. After it stopped, he took them for a wagon ride with the tractor. They all had fun. Makenna did get motion sick and threw up but she still had fun. The kids were all flithy so we took them to the hotel and went swimming. They had a blast. Sam's kids were there. They have a girl that is between Maddi and Makenna. She and Makenna became very good friends. Then they have a boy that is just younger than Zane, one that is between Dillon and Zeke and one that is Olivia's age. So 10 little kids in the pool together - we ended up getting the pool all to ourselves! I wonder why.

Saturday we went to see my grandma in the nursing home. The reisdents loved having all the kids running around. I think they sat in everyone's lap. One lady sang for us, one was a school teacher, one had a sucker that the little kids really wanted a lick of. It was a lot of fun. After that we went to the big Cantrell reunion. My other brother Stephen and his family came to that along with the rest of us, so there were 13 little cousins running around together. They had a blast playing with the bubbles, balls and dirt. Maddi played ball with the big kids and did really well. She did get hit in the head with the ball. She was running to third base and someone from first base threw it and it hit her in the side of the head. Luckily hse had on a baseball cap and that provided some padding. She didn't cry and went right back out to play. We stayed there until dark, went back to the hotel and I took the 4 oldest swimming.

Sunday morning we went to church with my grandpa. We added 21 people to their congregation. Then we all ate lunch together and Michael and I loaded up the kids and headed back to kentucky. We drove until about 1:30 Monday morning and then stopped for the night. We left Monday morning around 8:30 and got home at 10:30 Monday night. We were tired and some of us were rather cranky.

The next morning we had swimming lessons. Olivia screamed everytime I put her in the car. Poor girl! It never seemed to slow down. We had swimming lessons every morning, Tae Kwan Do Tuesday evening, t-ball Thursday evening, Michael had mutual Wednesday eveing, and Maddi had to play the piano for the performing arts part of hte 4-H fair on Thursday afternoon. Plus Lorie has been in town and so Michael has been working late every evening. Today we get to stay home and I will be looking forward to that!