Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Energy levels were high at our house on Father's Day. The kids were so excited to give Michael surprises and tell him happy father's day all day long. They were even more excited when he shared his treats with them. We gave him his prizes on Saturday because he would need some of them in the morning. We got him some work clothes from the thrift store and a shirt that says "Dad Rocks". Then we got treats and other small things and filled a pair of pants and a shirt and made it into kind of a daddy scarecrow. Then the kids sat on the couch next to it when he came in to see it. They got him cereal that turned the milk blue for breakfast and all his favorite treats. Then they got him a t-ball set to play with them. He shared his cereal with them Sunday morning. Olivia especially looked good in the blue color. Then to top it off, Maddi threw up before church so he got to stay home! We have had some question him about how much he paid Maddi but so far they both deny it!

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