Friday, May 30, 2008

The Last Day of School

I can't believe it. School is out, summer starts. Winter seems to have drug on forever this year, yet it all went by so quickly. T-ball starts Monday and that is always the official sign of summertime. Hopefully summer will be as fun as the school year was!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Piano Recital

Maddi's piano recital was last night. She did a great job. Michael had to watch it from the lobby. Olivia was done before it ever started. Zeke didn't last too long into it. I spent part of the time going back and forth from the lobby to the bench. Zeke had a poopy diaper before Maddi played and Olivia had one she played. Towards the end, Zeke started crying and wouldn't stop so Michael took him out to the car. By this time we had all moved out to the lobby. Olivia must have thought that she was supposed to sing along to the music because she sat out in the lobby squealing. Eventually the squeals turned to screams and we hoped that it would all end soon. Afterwards, they had a little reception in the cultural hall. There was a cute cake that looked like a piano keyboard and some red punch. Well, Zeke was still in the car crying so I took Olvia to Michael and went back in to round up the other kids. They were already in line for cake and punch. I was trying to coax them out of the line explaining to them that we were not staying for treats because the little ones were crying. Well, it didn't exactly register. They ended up all getting a punch and the teacher told them to get some cake so I got it all on one plate to go. Then we marched out to the van. They drank their punch on the way home, Zeke and Olivia slept and I ate the black keys (which just happened to be kitkats) off the top of the cake. I did it for a good cause, only tow of the pieces had candy, I didn't want a fight to start! Anyways, Maddi did great and we were very proud of her. She is finishing her second books and getting ready to start her third set.

Monday, May 26, 2008

S'more Fun

Sunday evening we were able to have our friends, the Olsens, come over for dinner. We cooked hamburgers and hotdogs over the fire pit and then roasted marshmallows and ate s'mores. The Olsens have a girl that's Maddi's age, one that's Makenna's age, one that will be in school with Dillon (her name is Ellie and she loves Zane) and a little boy who is 4 months old. They are getting ready to leave for the summer so we had them over one last time before school is out. Chad custom farms and they head to Oklahoma as soon as school ends and travel with him and his crew. Anyways, we had a fun evening together. They played in the dirt, as you can see from Zeke's picture, got extremely sticky from the marshmallows, which also helped Zeke along, and then Michael took them in the truck to feed the horses by the lake. The weather was beautiful - sunny and around 80 degrees.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Field Day Fun

Yesterday was the elementary school field day. It was cold in the wind and hot when you were out of the wind. The girls had a fun time. I took the other kids and we spent the day watching the girls, playing with friends and we ate lunch with Makenna. Michael got to come watch for a little bit too. They had potato sack races, shoe kicks, football throws, softball throws, long jump, long distance run. 50 yard dash, and tug-o-war. At the end they had the awards ceremony. They gave out place ribbons for the running, long jump and softball throw. Maddi got first place for the girls in her class for the long distance run, 50 yard dash, and softball throw. Makenna got 2nd place for the girls in her class for the long jump. Everyone got a participation ribbon. The boys and I got to help in the tug-o-war. They loved that. It was a fun day and everyone slept really good last night!

Friday, May 23, 2008

New pajamas

This week we got our semi-annual shipment of pajamas from Auntie Stace. The kids absolutely love getting these pajamas in the mail. It's like Christmas at our house every spring and fall. So here is a picture of all of them in their new pajamas. Thanks Stacey!

Happy Birthday Lala!

Yesterday was Princess Lala's first birthday. The kids were so excited. She, of course, had no clue what day it was, but was very excited to get to eat M&M's (her favorite) and have cake. Zane decided what kind of cake to make her. She loves chocolate so he picked out a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and an M&M smiley face. It was a hit! I can't believe it has been a year. I think back to this time last year and it's crazy that here we are dodng the same thing again. Time has gone by so quickly.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Terrific Kid

On Monday Maddi got selected as one of two kids to be the Kiwanis Terrific Kids. They got to go to the Kiwanis club and have ice cream, get their picture taken for the newspaper and they got a certificate, a bumper sticker and a pin. Terrific kids stand for Thoughtful, Enthusiastic, Respectful, Responsible, Influential, Friendly, Impeccable and Caring. Her teacher said she was kind to everyone and never teased or made fun of the other kids and always did what she was supposed to do. She was so excited about it. We are very proud of her for being such a good person and such a good example.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Summer Fun

Come with me, we'll have some fun.
We'll play together in the sun.
We'll build castles in the sand.
We'll play together hand in hand.
We'll put on our swimsuit and jump right in.
Then we'll hop back out and do it again!
While we're swimming all around,
We'll see if any fish can be found.
After all our water play is done,
We'll dry off in the summer sun.
We'll play tag and hide-and-seek
Until the moon begins to peek.
Come with me, we'll have some fun.
We'll play together in the sun.

Play date

This morning we had the group that Zeke and Dillon had open gym with come over and have a little play date. It was fun. We played outside and decorated cupcakes. Then we had sand pails full of treats and toys that they each got to take home. All the parents contributed to the buckets. They are such a fun group of kids. Most of them are Dillon's age. I am glad that he will have such good kids to go to school with and I am glad that I will have such good parents to team up with.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Planting the garden

Today is a beautiful day. This morning Maddi, Makenna and Zane went to soccer camp and I took Dillon and Zeke to the park. After lunch we planted our garden. The kids had fun helping push the seeds in to the dirt. Makenna didn't get into it too much but she watched and played outside while the others planted. Every now and then one of the kids would take a break and play with Lala. We're not sure exactly what will grow and where it will grow at but something should grow. Dillon will be disappointed in the morning when the corn isn't ready to pick. He was wanting corn on the cob tomorrow.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Dance Recital

Tonight was the girls' dance recital. It was so cute. The girls did a really good job and looked so pretty out there. Makenna got to wear a red sparkly leo with an attached skirt and Maddi had a light blue leo with a long fluffy skirt. They wore those for the ballet numbers.

For the tap dance, Makenna wore her red dress again with tap shoes and Maddi wore her blue leo with black pants and tap shoes.

For their jazz dance, Makenna wore black pant and and aqua shirt and Maddi wore the same as for tap except with ballet slippers.

At the end all four groups came together and did one dance. They all looked good. Each group had a different colored shirt and then everyone wore black pants. Then she had each class come up one at a time and introduced the girls to the audience. After all the girls were introduced, they held hands and bowed.

Afterwards they had me read a poem I wrote for the dance instructor and we gave her flowers and then they took group pictures. It was such a fun night to get to watch them and it was a great experience for them. They are sad that dance is over for the school year and are already looking forward to next year!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Kindergarten Round-up

Today Zane got to go to his kindergarten round-up. He was very excited. The kindergarten teacher read them a two stories, they got to play with the toys, paint a picture and write in a journal like they would do in kindergarten. Then they all got a bag that had a dry-erase board, a book ,crayons, scissors, magnetic letters nad numbers and coloring pages. It was a lot of fun. After that, all the preschoolers and their families met at the park. They got to play for a while and then we had a picnic and the preschoolers put on a program for us. After the program they all got their preschool "diplomas". They were all so excited. Zane is telling everyone he's in kindergarten now. I can't believe he is that big. I ask him when he got so big and he told me that he was growing everyday. I told him he wasn't supposed to be that big though and he said he was big enough to wear a muscle shirt so he was ready for kindergarten. I guess that makes sense!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

One of those days

Do you ever just wake up and know it"s going to be one of those days? I always say that with Makenna you can tell from the minute she wakes up what kind of day she's going to have and what we will be dealing with as far as moods. Well, I've discovered that I can be the same way and today is overwhelming. Hopefully I can get over it the same way that I tell Makenna she needs to get over it! Maybe it's Heavenly Father's way of making me empathetic towards her and her moods. It's not as easy to come out of one as we might think! If anyone os going to be attending a beach party anytime soon I found a really cute idea for a snack. You make blue jello and put it in a new fish bowl then put gummy fish in it (after the jello is set) so it looks like a fish bowl or put the jello in tie baggies with a couple of fish in it to look like you bought fish from the store. We did it last night for family home evening. Maddi taught us about things in the ocean and then we had that for a treat. The kids loved it. Another idea was to put vanilla pudding in a cup and sprinkle crushed graham crackers or vanilla wafers ontop to look like sand. Then put in one of those little paper umbrellas and a gumball (for the beach ball) and it looks like sand at the beach! Cute, huh? I thought so.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers. I had a good day. The weather was beautiful and the kids were all happy and excited. Aren't they all beautiful? I got a flower from church and the kids made cards and gave chocolate in primary. Yesterday afternoon we planted the flowers they had given me and played in the yard for a while. Hope you all had a great day too!

Spring concert

Friday the girls had their spring concert. It was a really fun one. They did an excellent job. The kindergarten class also presented their teacher with the poem that I wrote and the quilt that they helped make. It was fun. Mrs. Richmond was crying and the kids were so excited. They all yelled "We love you Mrs. Richmond!" For the closing song of the concert they while school sang Everyhting I need to Know I learned in Kindergarten. There were more tears and cheers after that. It was a concert that will be remembered for quite a while! You can't tell much from the pictures. Makenna is on the back row, third one in weairng a white dress and Maddi is on the front row, white skirt and pink shirt. Zeke was enjoying walking around in the back with Michael.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

The sweetest thing!

This morning Dillon saw the flowers they had gotten me last night sitting on the table in the fireplace room. He told me how pretty they were. I said yes they are beautiful and then he said, "they are beautiful just like you!" then he gave me a big hug. Doesn't that just melt your heart? It just doesn't get any sweeter than that!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A day outside

We had the most beautiful day today. It was around 60 degrees with a slight breeze. The boys and I spent almost the whole day outside. Olivia was outside too when she wasn't napping. The boys played in the dirt, on the swings and raced on their horses. I was able to edge around all the flower beds and the big dirt pile that the kids play in. This afternoon I started trying to clean up the shelter belt. It is going to be a huge job. I only cleaned out a 8'x4' spot and I got a huge pile of dead stuff and decaying garbage to be hauled off. It took almost 1 1/2 hours to do that. Now I have to go through with the cutters and cut out all the little trees and then rake everything. It will take all summer and then some. Hopefully it will look better when it's done. Tonight we went in to town and the kids picked out flowers for me for mother's day. We got tulips and snap dragons and a few other things to put in our flower pots. They each picked out what they wanted and we will plant them later on. They were excited to get to do that. I am hoping to have a few more beautiful days like this. It feels good to be outside after such a long, drawn out winter.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Do I have something on my face?

Zoo Day

Today Zane, Dillon, Zeke, Olivia and I got to go to the zoo with the kindergarten class. It was a lot of fun. The day was beautiful and the animals were out and moving around. They fed the ducks and goats, saw kangaroos hopping around, listened to a parrot talk to us, had a camel lay down and stick his head thorugh the fence and saw the penguins running around. After we saw all the animals we had a picninc and played in the park for a little while. Then the class got their picture taken on the playground equipment. It was a fun day. This evening we cooked out over the firepit and had s'mores. The kids enjoyed playing outside and Michael and I enjoyed the fresh air. It has been a long wait for the weather to finally warm up. I hope it's here to stay.