Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Can I just say that Zeke is the funniest little kid I have ever seen? He is! Sunday he pooped in his diaper in nursery. When I took him to the bathroom to change him he assured me that it was not poop in his diaper, it was a lion - and a puma. Yesterday, same thing, no poop just lions. At least the girls have finally stopped pooping iin his diaper. They used to be the ones that messed up his diaper. Then he wouls order me to spank their bums and when I would pretend to he would just laugh and laugh. Sunday Michael put the trees that the girls had gotten from their race into a big pot until it wormed up enough to move them outside. So the pot is in our fireplace room right now. Well yesterday morning I come into the room after making bread and Zeke has been digging in the pot like it was a sand box. There is dirt all over the floor and toys filled up with dirt. I asked him who did it and of course - it was Susie. That's why Zeke's fingers were covered with dirt. Yesterday afternoon the kids went out to play with the instructions not to get in the mud. Well, Zeke and Susie came in covered with mud splatters and very wet. Were they in the mud? Of course not! Did they stay only on the swing set or the deck? Of course they did! Why was their hair wet? Who knows! Why was their face covered with mud? Who knows! Why are they sitting down in timeout? Beats me! No offense to all you left-handed people, but I think left handers think a little differently and Zeke is definitely left-handed.

By the way, last night we had the school carnival and there was a silent auction. I was asked to donate some loaves of bread for the auction. One of my loaves went for $50! I think I should go into business. If I could sell a few more loaves of bread at that price I could get a new kitchenaid mixer (the big 6 quart professional grade one)! Does anyone want to buy a loaf?

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Spencer and Kimberly said...

Hey, Spencer is left-handed. He's a little different too!