Sunday, April 27, 2008


Today Primary was quite exciting. Last week both of my councilors and the pianist informed me that they wouldn't be here today. Both of the councilors are also two of the three teachers. Well, I volunteered Michael to teach the two classes which today consisted of 8 kids age 3 through 8. Lots of fun for Michael. Michael teaches young men so he couldn't go to sharing time with me. The other teacher is the young men president so he can't come to sharing time either. That left me. The kids thought it was pretty funny that I was going to lead the music, play the piano and do sharing time all by myself. We had a few kids missing so there were only 13 kids total. A few can be really hard though. Well, after bribing them that if they were reverent and helped me out then they could have a sucker after primary was over, they did a pretty good job. I was impressed. I made it through primary without any major outbreaks. So that I wouldn't have to lead and play the piano during music time, they took turns leading. They actually had a good time. The stake president was at our branch today and I wsa very glad that he didn't come in to visit. He might not would have appreciated how things went as much as I did! Hey, when you're that short of help you have to improvise sometimes! Hopefully we won't have many Sundays like that.

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Katie said...

Ahhhhh! Again. I am very impressed with you multi talented and versitile you are. I was tired just trying to keep one of mine reverant for Stk. conf. yesterday. :)